Embers Adrift discusses quest design, player feedback on trade systems


Embers Adrift is talking questing and player trading this week, as the MMORPG’s recent developer stream brings in one of its quest makers to talk about his job and starts taking player suggestions on trade systems.

This week’s video features narrative designer Wade “Grimnir” Larson, who talks about his thoughts and ideas on quest design, discusses some of the quests he created and how he hoped players would engage with them, and discussed his overall philosophy with how he experiences MMORPG questing, while recognizing that not everyone engages with this kind of thing the same way or how groups can often force others to skip quest text and details.

As for trading, Stormhaven Studios is asking for player ideas as it brainstorms how to introduce player-to-player trading systems outside of its recently added mail system. “This is the perfect time for you to advocate for your favorite trade system or any system you would find fitting best Embers Adrift, knowing the game style, the purpose of the game, and the existing community,” CM Elloa writes.

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