Fortnite plans a Fallout-themed crossover for next weekend


These days it appears that Fortnite is conducting an experiment to see how many wildly disparate franchises and IPs it can shove into its battle royale. So why not make a little room for another property that’s pretty hot right now – how about Fallout?

Indeed, this is about to become a thing: Fallout is coming to Fortnite on Friday, May 24th as a crossover for Chapter 5 Season 3. Epic Games confirmed the arrival with a simple image of a Fallout power armor helmet on Twitter, coupled with an announcement in the game itself.

However, this raises many questions, such as whether this is a crossover with the recent TV show or Bethesda’s game series and if the promotion will be limited to outfits or will spread to affect the game field itself. Some advance datamining and skin testing revealed that Season 3 will be apocalypse-themed, which would be perfect for the “post-nuclear” environment of Fallout.

Source: Twitter via RPS
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