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Burn it all.

Fortnite’s $245M FTC settlement over COPPA violations means you might be entitled to a refund

All right, people, hold your horses. The FTC is indeed giving out money from its settlement with Fortnite developer Epic Games, but it's specifically...

Tencent’s co-op looter shooter Synced makes its free-to-play release on PC, plans a console launch this winter

Does anyone here remember Synced? It's a sci-fi co-op looter shooter from Tencent's Level Infinite and NExT Studios that drops players into a post-apocalyptic...
BANNED, you're all BANNED.

Epic Games job posting offers first word of a Fortnite ‘open world survival crafting game’

If segments of the technology sector have proved anything, it's that it likes to try to spin old things as brand-new. That argument could...

Embracer Group is killing off Flying Wild Hog’s Jagex-pubbed Space Punks

The Embracer Group financing catastrophe and failed Saudi investment are continuing to have ripple effects in the MMO and multiplayer genres as now, the...

Fae Farm confirms cross-platform play will be available in its September 8 launch

Those who have been following the cozy life sim multiplayer title Fae Farm are likely familiar that the game will be landing on Nintendo...

The MOP Up: AdventureQuest 3D players spend five billion gold… in a weekend

A recent gold boost event led to a record-breaking level of transactions in AdventureQuest 3D as players splurged on augments. "This was a new record...

Dungeon Fighter Online grants compensation after catching former dev criming with an RMT ring

It's not often that Dungeon Fighter Online makes it to our headlines but that's mostly because the game just keeps on keepin' on with...

Neverwinter’s new patch makes abyssal hunt monsters less painful and keeps Demonweb Pits bosses in line

With Neverwinter's 26th module now out in the wild, the time has come for Cryptic to make a few adjustments to some of the...
The very whitest of strakes.

Elder Scrolls Online team apologizes for abnormally high queue wait times

If you've found yourself stymied at the sudden long wait times to log into Elder Scrolls Online as of late, well, it's not completely...
why does this continue

The ESRB seeks a COPPA provision to let apps scan children’s faces for age verification

You might have heard the legal disclaimer "ask your parents' permission before going online" in some advertisements aimed at children, which is understandable because...

Elder Scrolls Online’s base game is free on Epic Games Store alongside Fortnite crosspromo

Last week, a glitch on The Epic Games Store showed a sweet promo for The Elder Scrolls Online, but it was quickly yoinked, leading...
Burn it all.

Fortnite’s latest season adds dino riding, Optimus Prime, and the ‘this is fine’ meme

If that headline isn't already a clue, the new season of Fortnite that was announced earlier this week has a lot going on. And...

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis enters ‘ver. 2’ with new player housing feature and several bugs

This week is likely a big one for players of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis as the June update (aka ver. 2) has...

Whatever happened to Osiris New Dawn, Cinderstone Online, and Magnificent 5?

Welcome back to a fresh edition of Whatever Happened To, the randomly occurring column in which we realize some MMOs have fallen off our...
why does this continue

Appellate court reaffirms Apple’s store is not monopolist but must still allow third-party purchasing options

The three year-long legal fight between Apple and Epic finally made another step forward yesterday, but since it has been that long, allow us...
Fandaniel is a bad person, don't be like Fandaniel.

Square-Enix claps hands with a blockchain game platform that ‘hides web3 technology under the hood’

At this point, game publishers and developers are likely wise to the fact that the vast majority of gamers don't want, like, or need...

Star Vault says newly announced sci-fi MMO Mortal Exodus won’t pull resources from Mortal Online 2

We're not sure whether to raise our eyebrows or be impressed by the ambition shown by the fact that a small company with two...

Fortnite’s newest patch kicks off the battle royale’s collab with Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is the latest anime universe to wriggle its way into the battle royale world of Fortnite. The shooter's newest patch has...

Fortnite celebrates Ramadan with Lantern Fest 2023 as players start releasing Unreal Creator content

The celebration of Ramadan might primarily be about introspection and religious restraint, but it also is marked with lanterns lighting the streets, and it's...

Multiplayer spy movie team shooter Deceive Inc. makes its full release on PC and console

If you're looking for a competitive FPS that doesn't appear to put its foot on the deathmatch gas pedal too much, then you might...