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Epic’s Tim Sweeney argues that Fortnite won’t be on the play store because of openness

Did you think that Fortnite’s announced decision to avoid the Google Play store was just about money? Just because, you know, that was one of the reasons explicitly cited? Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney is walking that back and arguing that it’s not about that and it’s not about clones. In his words, it’s a matter of keeping parity between all of the platforms, and since Google doesn’t offer any sort of marketing push like console titles, he doesn’t see why Epic should distribute the game through the Play store.

Sweeney stresses that there is cross-purchase functionality between the various platforms of Fortnite (which is broadly accurate) and that the company would avoid the iOS marketplace as well if it were possible. He also states that the company is aware of concerns over spending limits, which will supposedly be addressed via the game not locking in payment methods after individual purchases. No word about phone security or avoiding malicious software, though. It’s still going to be a controversial decision, but it doesn’t appear the company is walking it back any time soon.

Source: Polygon


Alarmingly, Fortnite will not be on the Play Store when it launches for Android because money

There were rumors about this, but now it’s a known reality. Fortnite will not be launching on the Google Play store when it arrives on Android devices, instead requiring would-be players to download the game and install it directly. According to Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, the reason is pretty simple: Google takes a 30% cut of anything launched through the app store, and the company would rather keeps all of the money through in-app purchases rather than just 70% of it.

He also mentions that Epic likes having a direct relationship with its consumers, but let’s be cynical here for a moment. It’s worth pointing out that Fortnite is already making quite a bit of money without operating through any existing digital storefront; it’s also worth pointing out that Android systems actually allow you to sideload apps, while iOS does not. There’s no word on just when the title will be releasing, but if you’ve been watching the official store page to find out the day… well, you can stop doing that now.

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Fortnite’s Playground mode struggled due to matchmaking server stress

Some limited-time modes in Fortnite are successful and some aren’t, but the Playground mode was notable in that its issues had nothing to do with player reception. The mode had to be turned off and then re-implemented because it was causing some pretty severe issues. What happened? Well, the latest post-mortem breakdown from the developers explains that it wasn’t an issue with any part of the game itself but a simple limitation of the matchmaking servers.

As Playground matches take place with far fewer players than a normal Fortnite match, the matchmaking servers were already doing far more work to match players up. That meant increasing the number of servers used by fifteen times… which meant also having to deal with a 15x increase in load and matchmaking lists. The good news is that the stresses of the mode have taught the developers where the matchmaking weaknesses lie, so future problems of a similar nature can hopefully be avoided.


Fortnite players download a hack and wind up hacked themselves

It turns out that when you download third-party hacks designed to help you cheat in a game, the people you are downloading them from may not be paragons of moral integrity! They may actually be enormous turdnozzles. This is so obvious that it shouldn’t seem like it requires a mention, and yet it is also a lesson that Fortnite players have apparently had to learn when several players downloaded an aimbot hack that, quelle surprise, infected their computers with malware.

The whole thing was originally uncovered by Rainway developers who found the source of the unexpected ads to be a rootkit installed by the aforementioned hacks. In summary, cheating is bad and makes bad things happen to your computer. In lighter news, it appears that bad things are happening to the actual game world of Fortnite as a preview for the next big event in the game, so perhaps someone found a way to install a nasty virus on the very source code of existence there.

Source: Ars Technica, Medium, Rock Paper Shotgun; thanks to Kinya and Paragonlostinspace for the tips!


Fortnite’s rocket launch led to players being… nice to each other

You might think that gathering a bunch of Fortnite players in one spot to watch a rocket launch would lead to a whole lot of players shooting one another and very little actual watching of said rocket launch. But according to Polygon, players were actually being polite and watching as everything went down. After all, there’s time to go back to royale battling after the one-time server event took place, right? No one’s going anywhere.

There’s a video just below showing what the event looked like, along with some screenshots of the launch and what took place. It’s not totally clear what happened, but players will likely find out more once the game’s next seasons starts up on July 12th. We can only imagine the burst of violence on the site right after the launch.

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Fortnite on Nintendo Switch doesn’t include Save the World

You remember Save the World, right? The mode of Fortnite wherein you build a base and defend against zombies? The one that was supposed to be the entire focus of the game at one time? Because apparently it’s not in the latest port for the Nintendo Switch. The port only includes the battle royale portion of the game, and according to the developers there are no plans to change this.

So, you know, if you had been harboring any misapprehensions about the core focus of the game at this point, it may be time to let go of those illusions. It’s not a matter of the game just surprise-launching yesterday. In related news, the game reportedly has 125 million players, so it’s not hard to trace a line covering why the developers decided that porting the battle royale mode was the part that matters. Oh, well.

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Fortnite drops the damage on shotguns and throws its jetpacks into a vault

Do you like being hit with a shotgun in Fortnite? Of course not; weapons inflict damage and tend to make you dead. Shotguns in particular have been inflicting a bit too much damage, so they’re getting taken down a peg in the latest patch; damage is dropping about 12% and headshot damage is down to 2.0x damage instead of 2.5x damage. So it’ll hurt less to be shot in the head, a phrase that… seems about as video game-related as any possible arrangement of words.

Of course, players who hated shotguns but loved flight will also be sad; the patch also announces the impending removal of jetpacks once more, with the flying backpacks returning to the vault as of June 11th. They were always meant as a limited-time item, and now that time limit is up. You will be stuck on the ground once more, but don’t stare into the sky tearfully. Someone with a shotgun will hit you.

Source: Official Site via Kotaku


Fortnite adds in a new vehicle, the shopping cart

There’s another popular battle royale game that has vehicles, and so Fortnite made the wise decision to incorporate vehicles into its gameplay. The first vehicle in question? The mighty shopping cart. Yes, you can now ride a shopping cart into battle. It features an engine as enthusiastic as whoever you get to push it, so it won’t roll far if you’re alone unless you have a good hill going. It also provides all of the armor of… a shopping cart.

On the plus side, if you ever wanted to spray weapons fire from inside of a shopping cart but your parents vetoed the idea as soon as you were loading Nerf weapons into the car, you can now do exactly that to your heart’s content. And if you wanted to record the footage of that and send it to your mother, you… probably won’t win any arguments, but you are still entirely allowed to do just that.

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Fortnite shows off development plans for limited-time modes and quality of life

Development continues on Fortnite, and that means the developers have lots of things to show off for the future. The latest development post is covering all of the things the developers are working on, including more limited modes like Playground Mode allowing you to focus on building while the match is going on. Don’t worry, though, the developers are also aware of how many people enjoy the 50v50 mode and are considering bringing it into a more permanent place in rotation.

Meanwhile, development is working hard on improving the feel of playing the game with a controller and improving performance across the game. There are also new plans for improvements to the minimap, improvements to spectator mode, and new markers to direct your group members to specific locales. Check out everything that’s coming in the latest post. There’s a lot of it and some of it is some ways off, but it’s all being worked on.


Fortnite’s crossover Thanos now wields the Nerf Gem

We don’t want to spoiler the newest Avengers film for people looking forward to seeing it, but we’re pretty sure that its main villain Thanos is kind of a big deal. Clearly, what the Avengers need to be doing is recruiting the Fortnite development team, as they have already substantially weakened Thanos after he was active on the servers for a very brief period of time. He now wields the Nerf Gem, which gives him less power over everything!

Because he’s been nerfed, you see. The gems each have a power domain of something, like Care Bears.

While Thanos now has more health, he’s got less regenerating shielding and less damage per Infinity Gauntlet beam. Players are upset that he’s becoming easier to kill when most players who wind up using him barely know how to avoid being killed as it is; you probably wouldn’t base an entire movie on a guy who gets chumped four seconds into picking up the Gauntlet somewhere. (So, you know, that’s another spoiler, probably.)

Source: Reddit via VG24/7


No word on when Fortnite will be arriving for Android, but the game is getting an Avengers: Infinity War promotion

Won’t you help Android users sneak out of work or class with their phones to play Fortnite? Right now, you can play the game on consoles, on PC, or on iOS devices, but the game’s Android version has gotten no firm announcements about when it’s arriving. That means that playing the game on the go is simply not possible for some phone owners. Please, donate your programming expertise so that everyone can enjoy the fine art of blowing other people up in order to win the game.

Of course, just losing a match shouldn’t be fun, but a recent article dissects why the game’s Battle Pass structure ensures that even losses and free players get to feel as if progress is made. If that entices you to play on a platform other than Android, though, you should be cautious of new scams centered around the game; there’s no surer way to have scams surface than by getting popular, after all.

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Season four – and that pesky meteor overhead – are finally approaching Fortnite

Players have been speculating a lot about what will happen when the meteor hanging in the sky over Fortnite’s world finally hits, but we’ll find out tomorrow when Season 4 arrives. It’s been getting extensive teasing, too, and there are even little meteors already smacking the ground. The fan speculation that Tilted Towers is getting destroyed hasn’t gone away, but the latest image to promote the new season seems to hint at a permanent crater and new superhero-themed costumes.

Of course, the game has been building up hype for some time with whispers of aliens and the ever-present meteor, but tomorrow will reveal what all this has actually been building toward over time. As a device to get players invested, it’s certainly worked wonders; let’s see what happens when that big ball of rock hits the ground.

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Paragon artist shows off concept art from the doomed MOBA

Perhaps because the announcement was all the way back in January, but Paragon’s shutdown is scheduled to take place at the end of next week. Epic Games made the decision to pull the plug on the action MOBA due to an unsustainable playerbase and refunded all users any money they had spent on the title.

As the sun begins to set on this title, we can take a moment to ponder what might have been. Artist Dave Rapoza shared some concept art on Twitter that he had developed for the game but had never been turned into actual assets. This gallery of characters ranges from the heroic to the bizarre and gives a taste of the odd sci-fi angle the game as attempting.

“Four years ago I got the opportunity to help flesh out Paragon, the now-cancelled MOBA from Epic Games,” Rapoza wrote. “I was given free reign on the character designs, it was an awesome opportunity, but most of these never made it into the game. Hope you like it!”

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