LEGO Fortnite lets players build their own vehicles in the Mechanical Mayhem update


While walking the hills and dales of LEGO Fortnite’s world is probably fine and dandy for some, there are those times when you just want to get to your destination a bit faster. Enter the Mechanical Mayhem update, which introduces the ability for players to build vehicles for themselves.

The game features three premade vehicles players can clap together in the form of the zippy Speeder, the rugged multi-seat Offroader, and the appropriately named Hauler truck, or players can make their own vehicles, though they’ll have to have specific parts in order for their creation to be classed as a vehicle – namely a power center, wheels, and a driver’s seat.

In all cases, vehicles need power cells gained from a new compost bin crafting station to fuel the power center, and players can further customize their cars with a wrench item that lets them assign switches and thrusters to individual channels and an illuminator item that casts an aura of light around it. The patch notes provide information about other updates and improvements as well, but mostly this patch is about getting your motor running.

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