Wizard101 opens the Portal of Peril that brings a new dungeon delving event in latest update


Usually opening something known as the Portal of Peril would be ill-advised at least or very bad news at worst, but in the case of Wizard101, it’s the name of a new happy fun time event. Though it’s also probably still going to be a little perilous; it wouldn’t be a Portal of Peril unless there were some danger, right?

This new event offers characters level 30 and up the opportunity to dive into one of three tiers of returning popular housing gauntlet dungeons for various goodies, including new and traditional loot items on top of event currencies that can be traded in for other rewards. The Portal of Peril will be a permanent rotating fixture, opening one week every month at the Wizard City Fairegrounds.

On top of the new regular event, the patch also opens the Forbidden Library housing gauntlet, which promises a mixture of combat and puzzle solving for players to work through; an in-game mail system; and a host of quality-of-life updates like spell card inspection features, multiple improvements to badges, Arc 2 spellment updates, and a quest friend finder feature that makes it easier for players to group up. The whole kit and kaboodle is outlined in the update notes.

sources: press release, official site
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