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And again.

Perfect Ten: The top 10 things to love about Elder Scrolls Online

Having finally clicked hard with Elder Scrolls Online this winter, I find that it's difficult to restrain myself from gushing about pleasant discoveries (and...

ArcheAge Unchained begins the process of its EU and NA ‘server evolution’

You've got it wrong, friends. The servers aren't merging to fewer servers in order to keep game populations together; they're evolving into something new....

Perfect 10: Ten features I want to see in Splatoon 3

The announcement of Splatoon 3 has actually shown me that I know more Splat fans than I thought I did. Like, people who are still playing despite the lack of...

One Shots: Even adventurers like to be tucked in to sleep

Slaying a bajillion creatures, hauling around blood-splattered loot, and going through a repeated death-resurrection cycle sure does take it out on the intrepid adventurer....

Bungie swells its studio size and seeks to expand the Destiny IP with ‘new stories and experiences’

It would appear that things are going just swimmingly for Destiny 2 studio Bungie. In a recent press release, the company announced that it...

LOTRO producer Q&A: Legendary item revamp, closed world transfers, difficulty sliders, and more

Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini joined the Friday Lord of the Rings Online livestream this week to do a seat-of-his-pants Q&A with fans who showed...

Perfect Ten: 10 MMOs to get you out of your gaming rut

We have all been there. You've been gaming in your standard comfort MMOs when one day you hit that wall of burnout. You feel...
Oh, right.

Wisdom of Nym: What Final Fantasy XIV has lined up for patch 5.5

Amidst all the news last week, the live letter for Final Fantasy XIV kind of got shoved off into the corner, didn't it? Partly...

Not So Massively: Torchlight III is less than the sum of its parts

Last summer in this very column, I argued that ARPGs are the pizza of gaming: Even when they're bad, they're still pretty good. The Torchlight...

Large-scale multiplayer Neverwinter Nights persistent world Arelith is getting a new city tomorrow

If you've been following The Game Archaeologist column all the way back to Massively-That-Was, you maybe will recall a piece from June 2014 about...
Whaling on the moon.

Wisdom of Nym: Everything we now know about Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

So, hey, the moon! That's a place we haven't been yet, isn't it? We've blown up a moon in Final Fantasy XIV (or had...
Three years of this.

OrbusVR celebrates three years of operation with a scavenger hunt

It's hard to believe that OrbusVR has been running for three years now, but the numbers don't lie and it's true. And it's been a...

The Daily Grind: How much effort do you want to put into MMO housing?

Housing! It's fashionable, it's fun, it's extensive, it gives your character in a given game a place to spend time other than milling around...
So here's the deal.

Vague Patch Notes: If this MMO was so good, why didn’t it succeed?

Your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to participate in an experiment. I want you to write up a nice long...
Thinking over.

Final Fantasy XIV combines Valentione’s Day and Little Ladies’ Day into one event this month

We realize that the event on the mind of every Final Fantasy XIV player's mind right now is the announcement showcase happening on Friday, but...

Wisdom of Nym: What to expect from Final Fantasy XIV’s announcement showcase Friday

My original plan for this particular column was to just write the title "The Final Fantasy XIV announcement showcase is on Friday" over and...
Well well well, how the turntable.

Discrimination class-action lawsuit against Riot proceeds in spite of Riot’s arbitration success

In the summer of 2018, which seems like an eternity ago now, Kotaku published a massive expose of Riot Games' "culture of sexism," the...

Elder Scrolls Online starts testing Oblivion-themed dungeons

With this week's official announcement of Elder Scrolls Online's 2021 roadmap, the Gates of Oblivion-themed year has begun. While we have a while to...

Perfect Ten: The 10 types of MMO loot I’m always thrilled to get

Loot's not something that I see discussed much these days among MMO players. It's probably because loot's been around since the beginning of online...

Choose My Adventure: My ArcheAge mage is an absolute monster

This was a close poll, but I am pretty happy with the choice to bring Witchcraft into my Auramancy and Malediction mage in ArcheAge...