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Massively Overthinking: Massively Overwhelming content in MMORPGs

This past weekend, I picked up my first premium house in Lord of the Rings Online after much hemming and hawing. I didn't expect...

Albion Online details Wild Blood’s new player island biomes – and multiple farms per toon

Of all the content going into Albion Online's Wild Blood patch next month, the islands and farming rework has been the bit that caught...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 437: The MMO moving-in blues

Justin and Bree discuss Star Trek Online Incursion, WoW's Guardians of the Dream, LOTRO's River Hobbit housing and the Mariner, and Elder Scrolls Online's update 40, with a podcast topic on the financial barriers to returning to MMOs.

Fight or Kite: Harry Potter Magic Awakened’s housing might impress even die-hard housing fans

For the last several weeks, I’ve taken you through so many different activities available in the recently released Harry Potter: Magic Awakened mobile MMO...

Wayfinder aims to continue inventory and server improvements

Wayfinder's early access period got a major boost last week with the arrival of the online RPG's first big patch. Now that it's out...

Star Citizen talks about the creation of a ‘true cargo career’ and player housing-like hangars in latest video

Star Citizen already has some space truckin' to be done, but that can arguably be seen as pretty bare bones overall. Making cargo hauling...

AdventureQuest 3D heralds Talk Like a Pirate Day event, housing progress, and ‘guilds 2.0’ features

The latest dev blog out of AdventureQuest 3D is certainly full of information, but it's also full of pirate-y brogue, which would make sense...

New indie MMO Legendarium Online claims inspiration from Ultima Online and Tolkien

Like a prairie dog popping its head above ground to check out the scene, a new indie MMORPG suddenly emerged to make its presence...

Palia’s open beta releases new Temple of the Flames content, skins, recipes, and crops

Palia's patch 0.168 may have an unassuming number designation, but there are some blazing sparks in the cozy MMO's latest open beta release, and...

The Daily Grind: What MMO content do you wish devs would stop trying to get you to do?

When we started using the term "everything box" a decade or more ago, the idea was that it was a sandbox where everything was...

Hands-on: Cozy game Fae Farm might strike familiar gameplay beats, but its setting is the sauce

I appreciate how a lot of my opinion of Fae Farm is going to come off reductive or as I'm damning it with faint...

Wayfinder’s roadmap outlines plans for mounts, live events, raids, and progression systems

Now that Wayfinder appears to have navigated the tumultuous seas of its initial server woes, the studio is forging ahead to update and add...

Closers opens up for a player Q&A session and highlights latest events in video

Those who prefer to get their Closers information without having to scroll through the game's usual ultra-long image posts are now able to enjoy...
Voyage onward.

Wisdom of Nym: What seems to be cut content from Final Fantasy XIV

The thing about Final Fantasy XIV datamining is that, at least to me, it's kind of boring. Unlike some other games that used to...

LOTRO Legendarium: Of River Hobbits and river homes in Lord of the Rings Online

After a short delay, Update 37: The Humble Homes of the Holbytlan is here for us to unwrap and enjoy. Rather than being a...

Why I Play: Palia is cozy and fun, but why is it multiplayer – and where is it going?

On paper, Palia seems like it wouldn’t interest me. It is a lighthearted jaunt through a bright, cartoonish environment that involves building relationships with...

Wayfinder compensates players for launch, plans new weapon and quests for first big patch

Wayfinder has come a long way in its quest to shore up its paid early access: Airship Syndicate dropped an avalanche of info and...
The stars are over Dun Morogh.

WoW Factor: What would World of Warcraft ‘Classic Plus’ even look like?

So before I start this column, I want to make something very clear: I do not for one moment, in my heart of hearts,...

Cozy solarpunk survivalbox Loftia funded on Kickstarter with over $1.2M US

Loftia closed out its Kickstarter last night with a whopping $1.27M US pledged from over 16,000 backers. In its thank-you letter to supporters, studio...

TennoCon 2023: The soul of Soulframe is healing, redemption, and cute critters

Last year's TennoCon introduced us to a tease of Digital Extreme's new upcoming game, Soulframe. Since then, MMO gamers - including me - have...