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Elder Scrolls Online just announced the High Isle chapter and Legacy of the Bretons arc

During this afternoon's big reveal stream, ZeniMax Online Studios announced The Elder Scrolls Online's major content update for this year's Legacy of the Bretons year-long...
Specter of fun.

Elyon details February server merge, patches in Lunar New Year event and season pass

When the server merge happens for Elyon on February 16th, there are oh so many reasons why your character might be deleted. Do you have...

Tamriel Infinium: A look back at Elder Scrolls Online’s Greymoor

When Skyrim came out in 2011, everyone knew it was going to be big -- but even within the already massive Elder Scrolls fandom,...

Full-loot PvP MMORPG sandbox Mortal Online 2 officially launches today

Mortal Online 2 is officially live today, as StarVault pulls it from its early access to launch. Readers will recall that the game was...

New World’s mutator dungeons are live in today’s January patch

New World's January update is finally upon us - and yes, this is the one headlined by mutator dungeons, which essentially insert gearscore-dependent, randomized,...

Hellbugs and love hugs keep RIFT’s community busy

As the long-suffering RIFT community waits to see what may happen to their MMO, they have a couple of distractions to keep them busy...

Multiplayer farming sim Farm Together just launched its first DLC in over two years

Back in 2021, I became briefly obsessed with a game called Farm Together that's a bit like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley but with...

Lord of the Rings Online plans to make class, race, and virtue trait slots unlock by leveling in next update

The Bullroarer test server of Lord of the Rings Online has put Update 32 out for public testing, and one part of the update...

New World video addresses the next patch, server transfers, and combat tweaks

Well, if you were wondering what New World is planning for the near future, I hope you have 38 minutes to spare for a...

Survival MMO Fractured Veil shows off new building pieces, outlines 2022 dev plans

Moving into the new year means that players of the survival MMO Fractured Veil will get to put together new houses, or at least...
Kan-E-Senna is a lush.

Final Fantasy XIV details the rewards from its clown-filled Halloween event for January

We've never been given an explanation for why, exactly, Final Fantasy XIV has delayed its Halloween event this year until... well, very shortly now....

Global Chat: Does Doctor Who have a place in EVE Online?

As we crack open another edition of Global Chat, The Ancient Gaming Noob tackled the utter weirdness that is a cross-media promotion between EVE...

Lord of the Rings Online defends – and now pauses – controversial pay-to-win currency changes

(We've updated the end of this article with SSG's afternoon announcement that it will be pausing this plan. The original article follows.) An abrupt announcement...

Perfect Ten: The best value MMOs at the start of 2022

One of the reasons that I have been a huge fan of MMORPGs for nearly two decades now is that they offer a terrific...

LOTRO Legendarium: Does LOTRO need a new dungeon finder tool?

Welcome to a new year of the LOTRO Legendarium! With Fate of Gundabad at our backs and an unknown future ahead, it's quite the...

Mortal Online 2 developer gets an Epic Games MegaGrant, confirms transition to Unreal Engine 5

The development of the beta build of Mortal Online 2 continues on with everything from player housing and fishing, and now further updates to...

ArcheAge bans more cheaters and revamps free trials in today’s update

ArcheAge is down for maintenance this morning, but don't get too excited, as the patch notes reiterate that complete halt to the entire unlock...

Lord of the Rings Online previews its new Dwarf premium housing

Dwarven housing has never been the most popular among Lord of the Rings Online's four original neighborhoods. But this trend may be about to...

Into the Super-verse: A look back at superhero MMOs in 2021

Superhero fans were not lacking in news, games, and events this past year, and there's always the promise of much more to come in...
It lurks.

Riot Games will settle sexual discrimination lawsuit for $100M and then some

We’ve been poking at the dumpster fire inside League of Legends company Riot Games ever since 2018, when Kotaku’s expose of workplace conditions was...