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Villagers & Heroes will finally launch interior housing in early 2023

We haven't checked in on indie MMO Villagers & Heroes since its Halloween festivities, and truthfully our last hard looks at the game came...

LOTRO Legendarium: Reacting to LOTRO’s 2023 roadmap

Do you remember the years of the past when we'd be waiting well into March or even later for a Lord of the Rings...

Ship of Heroes looks back at last year, notes creation of a Steam page and upcoming beta test registration

By all accounts, Ship of Heroes had a busy 2022 when you look over the game's retrospective blog post. The devs recount the variety...

Vitae Aeternum: New World should do more with its housing

I find the history of player housing in New World a strange one. Prior to launch, I had the impression housing was being treated...

LOTRO Legendarium: 10 more tips to improve your LOTRO experience

A while back, I put together a list of 10 tips to enhance your everyday Lord of the Rings Online play experience. It was...

Tales of Yore is a ‘lightweight’ retro-style MMORPG ‘full of terrible RPG tropes, cliches, and dad jokes’

When an MMORPG describes itself as "lightweight," there are a few assumptions one can leap to. Personally, I'm taking that description to mean a...

Lord of the Rings Online nerfs delving difficulty, eases housing restrictions

Lord of the Rings Online's relatively new delving system hasn't been quite the success that its studio hoped, as the mission difficulty slider is...
This plan sure worked!

WoW Factor: Why is Dragonflight’s crafting not going over well?

For a long time, World of Warcraft has suffered in the crafting department. Basically every single expansion for the game has promised overhauls and...

The Game Archaeologist: PlaneShift, the poster child of open-source MMOs

As the character creation screen fades out, a dark vista fades into being. The fledgling adventurer looks around at dim shapes and sinister movements...
Nothing to give.

New World publishes silly and bizarre statistics from 2022, including bunny deaths and cow milking

Did you think that the game wasn't watching when you fell flat on your face or got taken out by a level 2 sheep?...

Farwoods expands its furnishings and dye options for players to make cozier burrows

Sure, there are bandits in the graphical MUD of Farwoods, but that doesn't mean that player burrows need to be spartan or uninviting. Making...
Hire a... you know the drill.

Final Fantasy XIV takes a closer look at this year’s Heavensturn festivities

So, how familiar are you with the Japanese tradition of omikuji? Because those traditions will be highly relevant as something coming to Eorzea in...

PSO2: New Genesis previews content, events, features, and updates arriving through June

If you're not a regular watcher of the NGS Headline video series that comes out of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, then you...

ArcheAge details an upcoming fresh start server land rush event and powerstone pet adjustments

ArcheAge continues to believe rushing for open land to claim in its MMORPG world is a festive occasion instead of a teeth-gnashing, FOMO-scented, stress...
Itchy licking!

Final Fantasy XIV posts dates and buyer restrictions for new housing wards coming with patch 6.3

The next major update for Final Fantasy XIV will see a half-dozen wards added to every housing district in the game for every server;...
How charmingly old world.

End-of-Year Eleven: The best MMO expansions and updates of 2022

One of the underrated aspects of being an MMO player is that our games get more updates and expansions than almost any other type...

The Daily Grind: What’s the best system for in-game MMO mail?

There are some MMO systems that we love to endlessly discuss -- housing, crafting, and the like -- and then there are the smaller...

LOTRO Legendarium: A look back at Lord of the Rings Online in 2022

Holy cow, are we already wrapping up another year of Lord of the Rings Online? I've been writing this column since 2010, and I...
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Final Fantasy XIV will turn house demolition back on next year

Normally, there's a system of house demolition in Final Fantasy XIV so players who do not visit their houses for an extended period of...

One Shots: Make yourself at home!

You all know that we here at the One Shots Studyological Laboratories are partial to pictures of player housing. This goes doubly for any...