Elder Scrolls Online previews Update 43’s home tours feature and Infinite Archive additions


Earlier this month, Elder Scrolls Online teased that a new housing feature would be on the way in Update 43, and now we all know just precisely what that feature is: the ability to tour other players’ homes via a search function.

The appropriately named home tours feature is essentially a UI element that lets players search and discover others’ homes. The feature will allow players visit the homes of their friends by searching for their user ID, look up houses that fall into categories like libraries or strongholds, or check out what’s listed in a recommended tab. Players can also use a weekly allowance of recommendations on houses that they’re particularly impressed by and they can add houses to a favorites list.

Home tours is just one marquee feature of Update 43; the other involves several updates to the Infinite Archive, including new maps, new enemies, eight new verses and 10 new visions, and more loot in the form of some new class item sets.

Update 43 will also bring quality-of-life updates such as an expansion of the system that prevents collectible duplicates to new sources, expanded previews of cash shop mounts, and a lineup of promised bug fixes. The new patch arrives on August 19th for PC players and September 4th for consoles, while PC players can check it out on PTS on Monday, July 8th.

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