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Tamriel Infinium: Eight things I really like as a Elder Scrolls Online casual

As some of you have so kindly pointed out, I am by no means an Elder Scrolls Online expert. I've been playing off and...

The Stream Team: Socially sanctioned Black Friday slaughter in Warframe

Some people seem to go wild and get crazy violent while trying to rip deals off the shelves on Black Friday. That's always bad....
The tome of your life.

Final Fantasy XIV will enter into a 24-hour maintenance on December 2nd

You've got less than a week to complete any tasks you wanted done before Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker launches. No, even less than you...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 348: To the moon with FFXIV’s Endwalker

Eliot joins Justin to discuss Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, with an overview of the expansion, a look at its new jobs, mysteries we'd like cleared up, and speculation about what's coming next for the MMO.

EG7 Q3 2021: Daybreak revives Marvel MMORPG, still promising console and gfx upgrade for LOTRO

Enad Global 7, the company that bought Daybreak just about a year ago, has now dropped its Q3 2021 financial report. Just one quarter...

Massively Overthinking: Gratitude in the MMORPG genre

It's Thanksgiving here in the US, and while some folks have probably already kicked back from the table and have started in on the...
Laser needles.

Vague Patch Notes: When ex-World of Warcraft fans become Final Fantasy XIV partisans

There is a certain stripe of Final Fantasy XIV fan that is exceedingly prevalent at this point, and that type is the rigid partisan... against World of...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 347: Land rush!

Justin and Bree discuss Activision-Blizzard's ongoing Bobby Kotick situation, ArcheAge's move to Kakao, New World, LOTRO, and SWTOR, with a sponsored segment on Albion Online's Lands Awakened update, plus two voicemails on spears and sidequests in MMORPGs.

The Stream Team: Undaunted adventures in Elder Scrolls Online

Currently, Elder Scrolls Online is running an Undaunted Celebration event. That's just a fancy way of saying zipping through dungeons for lots of loot...
So, how about those balance issues?

Former Destiny composer urges destruction of illegal music following court order

Longtime readers, at least of the sort who click on lawsuit articles, might recall that six years ago former Destiny composer Martin O’Donnell sued...
Whaling on the moon.

Wisdom of Nym: The plot threads I hope to see addressed in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

It's almost time. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is going to be here very shortly - just a bit less than two weeks from now, in...

One Shots: After darkness, light

Lord of the Rings Online is a game of great contrasts -- between evil and good, between darkness and light, and between ugliness and...
Almost tangible. Again.

PSA: Here’s what to expect with Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker early access

If you've been through a Final Fantasy XIV expansion launch before now, you probably know what to expect ahead of the Endwalker early access...
No, not these sets. Yet.

Babylon’s Fall appears to be using armor models from Final Fantasy XIV in its most recent beta test

The third closed beta for the upcoming action RPG Babylon's Fall from Platinum Games and Square-Enix has wrapped up, and one player has noted that...

The Stream Team: Trying out the new onboarding experience of Warframe

MOP's Chris has tried out Warframe a couple of times before, but every time it ends up being a bit confusing. With the game's...

Warframe announces a multi-week unvaulting of Prime Frames through the New War’s release

Did you miss out on some of your favorite Prime Frames before Warframe decided to stuff them into a vault? Then today is your...

Tamriel Infinium: A very Elder Scrolls Online wish list

Wish lists: We all have one for our regular MMORPGs. I mean, how can you not when you're playing a game for so long?...
Guitar solo!

Final Fantasy XIV posts a single-sized music video for the Endwalker theme song

If not for the two-week delay, players would be getting ready to start exploring Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker in just a couple of days. As...

The Stream Team: Back to Blackwood in Elder Scrolls Online

After Massively OP's MJ endured a forced break from Elder Scrolls Online's new Blackwood expansion, she's now behind the times. In fact, the final...

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker’s PvP, gathering, and housing changes

All right. We've moved on from the Endwalker delay at this point. Let's talk about how much the Feast sucked. Final Fantasy XIV's live letter did...