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Destiny 2 shares content arriving in Echoes Act 2, balance updates, and story release changes

Earlier this week a developer stream from Bungie showcased what was coming up in the near future for Destiny 2, but if you don't...

The Division 2 decides to reel back its seasonal characters idea for its Seasons 2.0 feature

Back in June, The Division 2 outlined plans for its sixth year of content updates, including "Seasons 2.0," which would require players to roll...
aw hell

Massively Overthinking: How often do you play human MMO characters when you have other choices?

I've been thinking about this question a bit lately, partly owing to Stars Reach and partly to Project Gorgon. Playable Worlds says Stars Reach...

Vague Patch Notes: Yes, tutorials are a good thing in MMORPGs

For those of you who haven't been reading the site for a while or just don't keep this in your head, I'm going to...
The yeller.

Perfect Ten: 10 MMORPGs with weirdly defensive fanbases

I do not have nice things to say about RuneScape. I have never had nice things to say about RuneScape. I also do not...

The Soapbox: Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail, mortality, remembrance, and last chances

Earlier this week, at least at the time of this op ed's writing, I completed the main story for Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail, and...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 43 hits the PC public test server with new housing additions

It was foretold in the Elder Scrolls that a test server update would arrive, bringing a way for people to peer into others' in-game...

The Stream Team: Jumping into Warframe’s Jade Shadows

The latest update to drop in Warframe is the cinematic quest Jade Shadows, which also introduces the newest 'Frame, the reaper-esque Jade. Sadly for...
Level up, loser.

Wisdom of Nym: Spoiler-free impressions of Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail’s leveling dungeons

The funny thing about Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail's story is that in some ways spoiling it feels pretty minor. Like, it's not unconscionable to...

The Stream Team: Trying out the Pictomancer class in Final Fantasy XIV

While MOP's Chris is mostly focused on the Viper class in Final Fantasy XIV, it certainly can't hurt for him to try out the...

LOTRO Legendarium: Six ideas LOTRO totally should steal from other MMOs

It's only natural for people who play multiple MMOs or are aware of what's happening in other titles to foster a sense of envy....

Elder Scrolls Online previews Update 43’s home tours feature and Infinite Archive additions

Earlier this month, Elder Scrolls Online teased that a new housing feature would be on the way in Update 43, and now we all...
You have too much junk.

First Impresions: Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail is a dense summer getaway for the MMORPG

I finished up Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail's story a while ago, but I've been spending a couple days turning over what I think about...
going so fast like a... whatever

Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail peak player concurrency has apparently topped even Endwalker’s

In case you were still wondering whether Final Fantasy XIV's Dawntrail was a hit with MMORPG gamers, wonder no more, as apparently the game...

Massively Overthinking: Do you have a ‘mental block’ in MMORPGs?

Back in June, MMO blogger Belghast from Tales of the Aggronaut penned a fun blog about having had a mental block against tanking. "Something happened...
Crewed Oil.

The Crew Motorfest launches Season 4 complete with a new free weekend now through July 11

Look, you might already have plans for this weekend, but if your plans do not involve driving cars around, you may wish to alter...

EA is killing PS3 and Xbox 360 online functionality for three Battlefield games

If you've been enjoying playing Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, or Battlefield Hardline on your older consoles, you should get in your last matches in...

DC Universe Online rolls out Aquaman-themed Tides of War event for the summer

Daybreak's DC Universe Online's servers were offline a bit yesterday, but only for good things, as the Tides of War summer event and concomitant...

EverQuest’s continuing 2024 roadmap teases The Outer Brood expansion and a server merge

"The Year of Darkpaw has passed the halfway mark and is still going strong!" Daybreak's Jenn Chan says in her latest EverQuest producer's letter,...

Bungie’s plan for Destiny 2’s eleventh year is less linear and more about world-building

Bungie has been operating Destiny 2 for a decade now, and that means next year is the 11th of storytelling in a world full...