Golden locks.

Final Fantasy XIV will charge sales tax on subscriptions and purchases starting June 25

If you have some purchases in the Final Fantasy XIV store you really want to make soon, we suggest you do so now, as...

Destiny 2 drops new Final Shape trailer as Steam concurrency is booming

Do long delays make the heart grow fonder? Maybe not, but they sure do give the video team a lot more time to make...

Choose My Adventure: Adventuring in Southern Elsweyr brings back Elder Scrolls Online’s simple pleasures

It's a bit unfortunate that I've had more fun playing Elder Scrolls Online by myself than with others in recent days, but then I...

The Stream Team: A night of Nightwave in Warframe

A new Nightwave mini-season has started in Warframe, and this time Massively OP's MJ is getting in on at the beginning! How can she...
Michael Bay palette.

Wisdom of Nym: What other character jobs could Final Fantasy XIV pilfer in the future?

If there is only one game I know in the Final Fantasy franchise other than Final Fantasy XIV, it is Final Fantasy VI. This is...

The Stream Team: Relaxed adventuring in Final Fantasy XIV

The time between expansion releases can certainly be one of idle anticipation, and that's just what MOP's Chris is feeling in Final Fantasy XIV....

Elder Scrolls Online brings back its XP-crazy Explorer’s Festival

With the Gold Road chapter right around the corner for Elder Scrolls Online, it's the perfect time to get your character in tip-top shape...

DC Universe Online’s new episode, Brainiac Returns, is live now

What's a good metric for a threat in the world of DC Universe Online to be taken seriously? How about when it brings the...
All over again.

WoW Factor: Story Difficulty is a bad idea and a good idea all rolled into one

Back during Wrath of the Lich King, I remember people asking for a story difficulty for raids in World of Warcraft because if the...

Elder Scrolls Online deep-dives Gold Road’s Lucent Citadel raid and Mirrormoor Incursions

A week and a half out from the launch of Gold Road on PC, ZeniMax Online Studios is previewing the big group content en...

Perfect Ten: My top 10 favorite MMOs across two decades

Normally in these Perfect Ten lists, I'm very outward-facing. I like to create lists that are as helpful or amusing as possible for others...

Vague Patch Notes: Why I am no longer anticipating Blue Protocol

Last year, I was pretty jazzed about Blue Protocol. I've actually been pretty jazzed about it for a while, but last year it looked...

Choose My Adventure: The Undaunted skill line chase introduces frustration in The Elder Scrolls Online

"Get the Undaunted skill line." "Unlock Undaunted." "You should be getting the Undaunted skills." "Make sure you've got Undaunted unlocked!" This has been the prevailing wisdom hoisted at me during my time in The Elder Scrolls Online, and admittedly it's something I really should have gone after much, much sooner than I did.

The Stream Team: A trip to the Endless Library in Elder Scrolls Online

After investigating all three portals, Massively OP's MJ needs to report back to Leramil in Elder Scroll's Online's Necrom to discuss everything she discovered....

Tencent recaps plan for Tarisland’s game performance, combat hit feel, and fishing

Tencent is continuing onward with its plan to outline all of its pre-launch changes for Tarisland in the lead up to its next technical...
He seems happy.

Wisdom of Nym: What we learned about Final Fantasy XIV’s Viper, Pictomancer, and job updates from the live letter

We do not yet know as much as you think about how the Final Fantasy XIV jobs are going to look in Dawntrail. I...

The MOP Up: Stardew Valley’s creator can’t quit tinkering with the game

Stardew Valley's creator recently sat down for an interview in which he said, “Once I reopen the book on Stardew, I always have a...

One Shots: Hell’s welcoming committee

One Shot announcement time, everybody! Gather around, shush up, listen. I am not a mind reader. I do not have one of those NCIS computers...

DC Universe Online confirms the launch of its Brainiac Returns episode for May 23

Get ready for the next episode, and we don't mean the classic Dr. Dre tune; we mean the next episode of content coming to...

Final Fantasy XIV goes all-in with its Mountain Dew cross-promotion

Is there a word when something goes so far into cringe territory that it loops back around and becomes glorious? We need that word...