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Albion Online’s new video walks through the sandbox journey from zero to hero

As the preorder headstart for Albion Online's Albion East server continues this weekend before the free-to-play launch, Sandbox Interactive is very much aware that...

RuneScape adds a murder mystery next week, Old School RuneScape brings the last of Poll 78 updates

Ah, the dinner murder mystery. It's a classic trope that seems to stand the test of time, and it's being explored by RuneScape next...

Second Life plans to launch a beta for its new mobile viewer later this year

Linden Lab is bringing a Unity-based mobile viewer to its long-running virtual world Second Life, according to a preview the company posted last weekend. "This...

ArcheAge projects include UI streamlining, global arena, and Fairy race

Despite scooting off of social media, ArcheAge is showing signs that its game world isn't going anywhere. In fact, Kakao has a meaty March...

Black Desert PC confirms Morning Light’s March launch in Korea, preps a ‘gateway’ area for the expansion

Ever since the Land of the Morning Light expansion was first revealed during last year's Calpheon Ball, many players of Black Desert on PC...

V Rising names its May update patch Secrets of Gloomrot and talks up its ‘expansion-level’ features

Last month Stunlock Studios tried to spin a year-long content delay for the vampiric survival sandbox V Rising as a "free expansion" with features...

Choose My Adventure: Starting out in Embers Adrift is just as tough as expected

It took me an alarming amount of time to get to level two. That's pretty much as good of a summary as I can come...

AQ3D dev Artix drops new trailer for AdventureQuest Worlds Infinity, launching beta this year

Last year, we caught wind of a new project out of AdventureQuest developer Artix Entertainment, a new version of the game called AdventureQuest Worlds...

Torchlight Infinite admits its Blacksail season ‘wasn’t as good as expected’ and outlines tweaks for future seasons

If you were among those players of Torchlight Infinite who found the ARPG's second season to be a little lackluster, perhaps you'll be mollified...

Vendetta Online recaps updates made to the sci-fi spaceship sandbox over the past two months

If you've been concerned with the span of silence from Vendetta Online between December and now, worry not; Guild Software Inc. has returned from...

Ashes of Creation offers a deeper look at its updated UI elements and the steps taken to make them

Last month, Ashes of Creation did offer a look at some UI elements, but its last preview video was primarily about tank classes. This...

Embers Adrift lowers its box price and subscription price, maps out content for 2023

Over the course of the last few months, Embers Adrift has held sales for its brand of PvE MMORPG gaming, including free-to-play weekends and...

Star Citizen outlines another round of mining gameplay updates arriving in alpha 3.19

The last time Star Citizen iterated on mining gameplay, it was back in alpha 3.16, when it introduced the mining gadget. It looks like...

Elder Scrolls Online highlights some of the quality-of-life and accessibility features coming with Update 37

As usual, the next update to Elder Scrolls Online isn't only about the Necrom expansion and all of its gubbins; it's also about Update...

Perfect Ten: 10 things I really dislike about Final Fantasy XIV

Sometimes, when I have a series of columns planned, I start off by saying, "Hey, here's a series of columns I plan." And sometimes...
Trook of Bavels

Book of Travels fixes ‘weird’ lamp posts, invisible endeavors, and NPCs walking away from conversations

It's generally bad manners to walk away from someone while they're interacting with you, and that's doubly so for NPCs in Book of Travels...

Embers Adrift’s QA server previews new dice-dueling game and Grimstone Canyon zone

Embers Adrift dropped a state of the game memo for its community last night, kicking it off with a thank-you note to the playerbase...

Albion Online’s Beyond the Veil Patch 4 is live with ZH/IN language support and combat balancing

Yesterday saw a major planned outage for Albion Online as studio Sandbox Interactive pulled the servers offline for patch 4 and preparations for the...

PSA: Overwatch 2’s battlepass is confusing – make sure you understand what you’re buying

So here's an interesting tale of how a subtle change in an interface element can be deceptive, intentionally or otherwise. If you play Overwatch...
Venting prevents ex-plo-si-on.

EVE Online makes its Photon UI the default and prepares for narrative-driven factional warfare

It would appear that the vast majority of EVE Online players - 94% of them to be exact - have taken to the game's...