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The Daily Grind: How often do you check your playtime in MMOs?

All MMO playtimes follow the same basic arc. First, you're just curious about how much time you've played this game. Then, you're impressed at...
All your base, etc.

Fan creates an elaborate mod for building bases in No Man’s Sky

Building a base in No Man's Sky is important. It's inspiring. It's a moment of self-identification. It is complicated, too, because there are a...

Embers Adrift opens a new zone, adds more ashen monsters, and continues attacking server leaks

The latest patch for Embers Adrift has a bit of everything for players of the old school-style MMORPG, including a new zone, some new...

Warframe takes a closer look at Voruna, reworked Frames, and other features of the Lua’s Prey update

This Wednesday, November 30th, is introducing the Lua's Prey update to Warframe, and while players were already given a general rundown of features coming...

Elite Dangerous adds adjustments, fixes, and the promise of new narrative content in today’s Update 14

The assault on humanity by the Thargoids looks to continue forward in Elite: Dangerous as today marks the arrival of Update 14, and it's...

Diablo Immortal’s latest update launches its seventh battle pass and merges multiple servers

If your dream has been to wander the maps of Diablo Immortal dressed up like a stone statue, then this week's update is ready...

EVE Online details new and upcoming improvements to its Photon UI

EVE Online continues to make a whole bunch of noise about its spiffing new Photon UI, with another new dev blog that details changes...

No Man’s Sky adds redux expeditions and a laundry list of bug fixes to the Steam experimental branch

What's coming next to No Man's Sky? A whole lot of bug fixing if the experimental branch build that went live yesterday is any...

Choose My Adventure: Genfanad is ‘nostalgic’ in almost all of the wrong ways

I don't envy any development team that wants to make something that's "nostalgic." Making a game that hearkens back to predecessors or a time...

Genfanad adds more bank space and other quality-of-life features in latest update

This past weekend saw the browser MMORPG Genfanad put out a new patch - the game's seventh since its launch in September - that...

EVE Online begins testing a new default overview UI

The overview window of EVE Online is the most important part of the game's UI, as it effectively is the tool players use to...
Not Ul'dah! Please don't sue!

TRAHA Global is available on Steam as a mobile port now

If you don't like playing MMOs on your mobile devices, we can totally understand that. We've talked about how sometimes those games have very...
More like Crystalline Annoyance

Final Fantasy XIV previews the upcoming patch ‘Gods Revel, Lands Tremble’

No, Final Fantasy XIV's patch 6.3 is not coming out tomorrow. Or the day after. Or even the day after that. In fact, patch...

Massively Overthinking: The New World comeback

New World is having a bit of a comeback moment - or is it? Since the launch of Brimstone Sands and the fresh start servers...

SWTOR is launching Showdown on Ruhnuk with new planet and PvP overhaul by the end of the year

During its livestream last night, BioWare revealed Star Wars The Old Republic's next big thing: Game Update 7.2, Showdown on Ruhnuk, launching "winter 2022."...

Albion Online’s Beyond the Veil update gets a launch date: November 21

Albion Online's Beyond the Veil isn't waiting for Christmas or even Thanksgiving: It's rolling out on November 21st, Sandbox Interactive announced today. It's the...

Choose My Adventure: Running face-first into the brick wall that is Neocron

It's not often an MMO makes me ragequit, but hoo baby did I ever do that with Neocron. I'll digest on why I think I...

Profane devs discuss dummies, elements, houses, maps, and alpha roadmap progress

Followers of the FFA PvP sandbox Profane have had plenty of infodumps to chew on and mull over this past summer - if they're...

The MOP Up: ARK’s ultimate survival edition lands on Switch

Everyone's favorite prehistoric survival simulator is making a big splash on the Nintendo Switch this week. ARK: Survival Evolved's base game is becoming available...
Slightly disappointing context.

WoW Factor: The Dragonflight pre-patch talent trees fix a lot of problems in WoW

If you don't want to read an entire column in which I talk about the new talent trees in World of Warcraft... good gosh,...