Albion Online’s European server is fully live and F2P for all players now – here’s the new music video


If it seems as thought we’ve been covering the launch of Albion Online’s Albion Europe server for a really long time, well, that’s because we have. This server has had approximately 30,000 different phases of alpha, beta, early access, and headstart over the last month or so. Today’s formal launch brings all those phases to a close, as the game is now accessible to all players, including free-to-play players who skipped those founder packs.

Albion Online launches today in Europe and MENA, available across PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms. This is the third server introduced to the game alongside Albion Americas and Albion Asia,” Sandbox Interactive says. “The game is fully cross-platform, playable on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android with a single account, and is localized into fifteen languages. Albion Online initially launched in North America in 2017 and today launches in Europe and the Middle East for the first time. Albion Online Europe offers European and MENA players improved ping, reduced latency, and events designed to suit their schedules. Within this server lies a fresh gaming realm, where every player starts on equal footing, carving out their own slice of Albion and shaping their fate.”

As we noted last week, SBI has tweaked the world size and territory prime times for this server in order to handle the growth of the server over time.

The studio has dropped a bunch of videos along the way, but the most recent is… a music video.

Source: Press release, Official site
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