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The studio behind Albion Online.

Albion Online makes improvements to mobile and the Black Market in latest patch

Albion Online has addressed a couple of little but no less important issues in its most recent patch, namely to the mobile...

Albion Online touts continued population growth in September and work on new features

Earlier in May, Albion Online experienced a pretty significant spike in population numbers thanks in part to shelter-in-place orders for the pandemic....

Albion Online player steals an in-game billion’s worth of assets from a guild in a self-described ‘long con’

On the one hand, you have to respect a good caper, but on the other hand, this particular bit of thievery that happened in...

Albion Online makes changes to mobile, Demonic Shards in Corrupted Dungeons, and Satchels of Insight

While the latest update to Albion Online is a bit of a general update patch, there are still a number of things...

Albion Online players have accessed corrupted dungeons 1M times since Rise of Avalon launched

It's been only a few weeks since Albion Online's massive Rise of Avalon patch graced the live servers, but Sandbox Interactive has apparently...
The arc of a journey.

Vague Patch Notes: How platform considerations impact MMOs

It wasn't until I had been working in this field for a while - and as a result playing a lot of different MMOs...

Albion Online’s massive spider mount is coming in Season 10

Today's Albion Online post is brought to you by your friendly nightmare spider, Gary. Gary is excited to tell you that Albion is...

Albion Online’s Rise of Avalon is live with its unique new (and deadly!) roads network

Albion Online's long-awaited Rise of Avalon update is live for all players today, and I promise I won't make the joke about...

Albion Online’s Guild Season 10 begins August 22 — here’s the schedule of events

It's about that time for the guilds of Albion Online to test their might, prove they're the best, and maybe get their ridiculous...
How do we hide with all the glowy bits?

Albion Online explains the hideouts of Roads of Avalon

Hideouts? In my Roads of Avalon? It's more likely than you might think in Albion Online. Yes, players can definitely stake their...

Albion Online’s Rise of Avalon launches August 12, hits player testing today

We've been talking about Albion Online's Rise of Avalon update for weeks, but as of today, we finally have a target date for...

Albion Online celebrates three years online and spring playerbase peaks

Remember 2017? It wasn't great, but anything looks good compared to 2020, right? It was also when Albion Online launched. No, not the...

Albion Online previews Roads of Avalon’s treasures and tribulations

We're back to talking about roads in Albion Online; as promised, Sandbox Interactive has posted another of its deep-dives into the Roads...

Albion Online’s next big update adds a massive explorable transportation system

When Rise of Avalon launches for Albion Online later this summer, it's adding a new system that turns ol' Doc Brown's mantra on...

Here’s how corrupted dungeons in Albion Online’s Rise of Avalon update will work

One of the features coming to Albion Online in the Rise of Avalon update is the Corrupted Dungeon, but just how exactly...

Albion Online invites players to earn a ghost pig through the Undead Challenge

You might not think of July as a particularly spooky month, but Albion Online is still choosing this month to bring back...

Albion Online showcases the Avalonian weapons coming with the Rise of Avalon update

Albion Online's Rise of Avalon update has a number of things for players to look forward to when it lands in August,...

Albion Online announces an August release window for the Rise of Avalon update

While game director Robin Henkys already provided a bit of a primer, what he wasn't able to provide was a launch window for...

Albion Online offers more mobile improvements and queue improvements

The latest patch to the Albion Online Queen update is certainly going to make mobile players happy, as it allows you to...

The MOP Up: COVID-19’s digital silver lining

While the COVID-19 epidemic has been nine types of awful over the last half-year, video game studios and publishers aren't complaining quite as loud...