Activision-Blizzard’s Bobby Kotick predicts a bleak future for a UK that rejects the Microsoft merger

Probably the last thing you want to see on a Wednesday or any other day that ends in -day is Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick...

Blade & Soul further reduces 2023 content plans in new producer letter

Blade & Soul is ending its January with a producer letter that offers fans several teases for the year ahead. One of them is...

EU Parliament adopts resolution to regulate games industry harms from lockboxes to manipulative design

Call them lockboxes, lootboxes, gambleboxes, or gachapon: The European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly to adopt a resolution "ensuring a safe online environment for online...

World War II Online touts ‘magnificent year of development’ and hints at a ‘different’ future

Fun fact: World War II Online's (Battleground Europe's) constant battles have now gone on longer than four times the actual length of WW2. And...
Curse you.

Germany’s games ratings board creates new labels with warnings about lootboxes, MTX, and online chat

The physical and digital packaging of video games in Germany is going to have a lot more granular detail thanks to updates being applied...

Snag an ArcheAge Unchained Dark Shaman Raiment Outfit ahead of December 15’s fresh start servers

As we noted in our companion post, ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained are preparing another fresh start server for players hungry to try the game...

Grab an ArcheAge Dark Shaman Raiment Outfit to celebrate the new fresh start servers launching December 15

ArcheAge is preparing another fresh start server for players hungry to try the game out without baggage. The server's set to go live in...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon GO’s Mythical Wishes season needs to win players back

Without a doubt, Pokemon Go's Season of Light has been the roughest season yet, plagued with not only miscommunications the company is practically known...
Please don't be horrible?

Blue Protocol will be published by Smilegate in South Korea

After an exceedingly long wait for any information about the game, Blue Protocol fans are finally getting some solid information about the game in...

Aion Classic is finally launching in Europe next year

Back in September, Gameforge began teasing that Aion Classic, which had already gone live for the NCsoft North American branch of the game back...

Wild Terra 2 New Lands has officially launched as the sequel to 2017’s Wild Terra Online

As promised, Wild Terra 2, the sequel to sandboxy MMO Wild Terra, has officially launched on Steam today under the Juvty Worlds banner. The second...
da fuq did I just read

Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida sparks backlash over a bad answer to questions on diversity in Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida has long been held up as a shining example of what can be expected of someone...

Blizzard delays World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight prepatch an extra three hours

Veteran MMORPG players know better than to spend sick days or stay up late for an iffy launch for an expansion, and hopefully the...

Astroneer is getting a graphic novel next year with pre-orders available now

MMOs getting comics and graphic novels based on their setting isn't really new, but we're not sure how many expected one to come out...

Chimeraland is merging its global servers after just three months, and yes you might lose your house

Chimeraland fans, if you've been thinking that the game's population is shrinking and is in need of a merge, then Level Infinite agrees with...

Lost Ark offers start date and timing for western European and South American server merges

The smooshing together of servers for Lost Ark, which readers will remember was first detailed at the beginning of September, is proceeding on as...

Trucker gaming community turns its simulators into an MMORPG

As you might have heard me babble on the podcast this past week, I've been weirdly engrossed in American Truck Simulator as of late....

Aion EU teases the arrival of its own version of Aion Classic

Players of Aion here in North America have been playing a classic version of the MMORPG for a while now - since last June,...

Get ready for Wrath Classic with global release schedule, survival guide

Crazy queues and jam-packed servers or no, Wrath Classic will hit our world (of warcraft) in a little over a week from now. The...

New World adds three more new servers today – that’s seven in the last week

Over the last week, Amazon has announced multiple new servers for New World. Fae, Atlantis, and Eden opened last week, followed by Caer Sidi...