Snag an ArcheAge or ArcheAge Unchained Black Eagle Glider to celebrate Great Prairie’s launch

ArcheAge players currently dipping a toe into the Great Prairie of the West update - or considering doing so - are in for a...
A new road has begun.

Final Fantasy XIV announces its Japanese center restructuring and new European servers for July 5

Remember when Final Fantasy XIV had first launched its current expansion, it was struggling to accommodate everyone on its servers, and it was doing...
It seems fitting, yes.

Wargaming opens new offices in Europe after Russia exodus

With the war in the Ukraine stretching on into the summer months, it might be more difficult to remember how much various game studios...

Wanna try Fractured Online’s closed beta? We’ve got keys!

If you've had your eye on Dynamight Studios' upcoming sandbox MMORPG Fractured Online but didn't want to shell out for a preorder package to...

Ark Survival Evolved rolls out Fjordur map and new conquest season servers this weekend

Seven-year-old survival sandbox ARK: Survival Evolved is gearing up for a busy weekend. A busy Sunday, at least, which is perhaps not the most...

Microsoft promises ‘creative and collaborative approaches with unions’ in official blog post

With Microsoft on the cusp of buying out all of Activision-Blizzard, there's been plenty of governmental scrutiny and a healthy dose of concern for...

18 European countries back a Norwegian government body’s assertion that lootboxes are ‘manipulative’

Clearly, pushback against the lootbox monetization model is not going away, a fact that is once more being brought to light thanks to a...

MGI & Gamigo Q1 2022: Atlas Rogues is dead

I'm sorry to report this morning that Gamigo is sunsetting Atlas Rogues. The news came on Memorial Day when nobody in the US was...

Pearl Abyss reclaims South American Black Desert publishing rights, touts 45M registered players

It's been a bit of a pattern for Pearl Abyss: It launches Black Desert in a new region under a local publisher, and then,...

EVE Fanfest 2022: EVE Online is getting a Spanish client

EVE Online has been an intensely international game throughout its lifetime, with significant audiences across the US, Europe, and Russia. Most players are stuck...

Overwatch 2’s first beta officially begins this afternoon – are you playing?

We're just an hour away from the beta launch of Overwatch 2, which ought to please everyone but folks who simply liked Overwatch's meta...

TERA’s PC version will sunset in June as Bluehole ceases work on the game

Today is the day that TERA's Japanese servers sunset... and unfortunately, the day heralds bad news for the rest of TERA's PC playerbase in...

EG7 intends to sell Innova subsidiary and relocate Toadman Interactive studio in a pull-out from Russia

Enad Global 7, the Swedish company that readers will recall bought up all of Daybreak Games in 2020, is apparently looking to cut ties...

Lost Ark issues an address about gold sellers, matchmaking problems, and Central Europe queues

While Lost Ark is still a rip-roaring success for Amazon in terms of player numbers (especially when compared to its other game), there are...

Lost Ark celebrates 20M global players as concurrency dips and roadmap sees delay

You might be eyeing Lost Ark's Steam population with trepidation, but Amazon and Smilegate are looking at bigger numbers, quite literally: Last night, the...

Ukraine implores game companies to block Russian esports participation

"Who had 'writing games industry roundups at the barest edge of a third world war' on their bingo card?" MOP's Chris marveled this morning,...

Lost Ark addresses gold spam, EU queues, and the big raid and dungeon nerf

Yesterday's Lost Ark preview from Amazon and Smilegate focused on the big March update - content, lore, and islands. But what about everything players...

Lost Ark brings back Twitch drops for the weekend, addresses gold seller spam

If you missed out on Lost Ark's Twitch drops promo during the first chaotic week of the game, fear not: Amazon is bringing it...

Lost Ark says it’s working to fix European servers’ ongoing queue and matchmaking woes

The experience of central EU players of Lost Ark has been an absolute mess. As we've been reporting, massive player counts in the region...

The MOP Up: Uncharted Waters Online decodes the secrets of human heritage

Uncharted Waters Online's "greatest challenge yet" arrived last week with its Olympia patch. This update added a new legacy theme to decode, a fight...