alpha testing

Ashes of Creation showcases alpha two’s updates to UI, animation, and tank skills

Are you ready for 45 minutes' worth of fresh alpha footage from Ashes of Creation? Because that's just what the devs at Intrepid Studios...
Sure, all right.

Betawatch: Gloria Victis finally heads for launch

It's been years since the day when Gloria Victis first made its way into early access, and you can hardly be blamed if you...

Star Citizen provides previews of alpha 3.19’s expanded derelicts and updated Lorville

While Star Citizen's alpha 3.18 build has been going through the public testing motions, the game's returning weekly video digest is taking a look...

Massively Overthinking: What will be your three most-played MMOs in 2023?

Last week in Massively Overthinking, we discussed our three most-played MMOs of 2022 - and whether we'd guessed right at the top of that...

Ultima Online’s New Legacy should finally hit alpha by summer

The delay of Ultima Online's New Legacy last fall was unfortunately not a huge surprise, though it was a disappointment as it didn't make...

WoW Classic advances Wrath of the Lich King to Phase 2

The second phase of Wrath Classic went live today with the debut of Secrets of Ulduar. The update for WoW Classic issues in an...

Star Citizen recounts November and December updates to NPC behavior, ships, rendering, and locations

If you were wondering what Star Citizen was up to at the end of last year but were concerned because there weren't any monthly...
Oh, well, good.

Betawatch: The Repopulation says goodbye once more

So The Repopulation has been through the wringer over the years, having been spirited away from its creators and original stewards by Idea Fabrik...

Chronicles of Elyria boss insists Kingdoms of Elyria: Settlements will ship in 2023 in spite of lawsuit appeal

Chronicles of Elyria made our list of the biggest MMO crowdfunding stories of 2022, but unfortunately not for good reasons. The lawsuit that the game's...

Kickstarted sandbox MMO The Repopulation is apparently dead as Idea Fabrik’s contracted dev team quits

When last we checked in on The Repopulation, it was in August, when I realized that the team behind the game had put out...
You are not the real thing.

Betawatch: Pantheon schedules its first monthly pre-alpha for later this month

So some people may have been a bit skeptical when Pantheon promised it would have monthly pre-alpha tests in 2023. And, you know, there's...
Sexy, kinda.

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen’s first monthly pre-alpha test runs for 24 hours on January 28

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen pledged that it would be running pre-alpha tests every month starting in 2023, and it is holding fast to...

Waven continues hotfixes and improvements in its closed alpha with delayed English notes

Salut, mes copains! Comment ca va aujourd'hui? We really hope that sentence made sense to you, otherwise trying to figure out what's been changed...

The Game Archaeologist: PlaneShift, the poster child of open-source MMOs

As the character creation screen fades out, a dark vista fades into being. The fledgling adventurer looks around at dim shapes and sinister movements...

Star Citizen heralds 2022 as a year of growth, touches on 3.18’s features and update plans for 2023

At the close of 2022, CIG's Chris Roberts put out another chairman's letter that looks back at Star Citizen's last year and ahead to...
Travels of booking

Betawatch: Book of Travels disambiguates content and features

Have you tried to find the difference between content and features in Book of Travels? According to a new dispatch from the team on...

Ashes of Creation wraps up a ‘crazy year of growth’ with a bigger team and new offices

Capping off what it deemed a "crazy year of growth," Ashes of Creation's dev team wrapped up 2022 with a reflective video hosted in...

The MOP Up: Spellcraft reflects upon growth and development in 2022

The Spellcraft team, made up of former ArenaNet and En Masse devs, paused their work on the upcoming real-time tactics game to reflect on...

Betawatch: Waven’s alpha testing is active and rolling

So, how are things going with Waven's testing? Well, the good news is that the team is sharing regular patches and updates with fans....

Time-travel MMO Into the Echo plans to resume pre-alpha testing in 2023

When last we checked in on time-traveling-themed MMORPG Into the Echo, it was mired in testing delays and communication lapses, but now Etlok Studios'...