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Anvil Empires shares improvements to the game world’s natural features and fort building

When you're trudging through the fields in Anvil Empires, it's probably a good idea to stop and smell the flowers... or at least appreciate...

SMITE 2 readies its third alpha weekend for June 27 with three more characters in tow

Third time's the charm, or at least the next in a series of steps for SMITE 2, as the MOBA has tied down some...

Betawatch: Tarisland launches, ASKA and Pax Dei open early access

We're saying farewell to Tarisland from our Betawatch listing for all the right reasons: The MMORPG officially launched this morning, meaning its beta is...

Pax Dei runs into server-related bugs and mixed reviews in its first day of early access

We are once again taking the time to look at the first day of an MMORPG's launch. As readers well know by now, Pax...

Sandbox MMO Pax Dei has officially entered early access for at least the next year

If you're a Pax Dei founder pack owner, you're about to have a fun Tuesday, as Mainframe Industries has officially launched the survival-tinged sandbox...
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Betawatch: Tarisland gets an early start in China

Huh, are we really almost there with Tarisland? The game is already out in China, and it's launching worldwide next week, complete with Lady...

‘Multiplayer conquest adventure’ MMO Havenhold readies an alpha test for next week

If you like a good dose of martial arts with side portions of PvP and coop PvE, then we're here to put Havenhold on...

Star Citizen suspends over 600 accounts over ‘illicitly gained’ credits earned thanks to an exploit

It would appear that some mass gold duping was going on in Star Citizen recently as a result of an exploit found within the...

5v5 hero shooter FragPunk starts taking names for a Steam closed alpha scheduled for June 27

Earlier this week we reported on the reveal of FragPunk, another NetEase 5v5 hero shooter that leans into a colorful visual style and a...

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen heralds the arrival of Summoner and Ranger classes in its next test build

The Seasons - better known as pre-alpha builds - continue to turn in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. With Season 3 nearing its close,...
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BitCraft outlines the Empire system coming in its second alpha as a main source of monetization

The good news is that anyone can be the emperor in BitCraft's Empire system, which will be available for testing within the game's second...

Corepunk rallies for another alpha test attempt in July following its borked spring alpha

It's safe to say that Corepunk's alpha test earlier this month delivered a mixed bag of results. While the test showed high interest and...
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Betawatch: World of Warcraft’s The War Within beta testing

It's time once again for the beta testing of World of Warcraft to go into overdrive, as the next expansion is now available for...

BitCraft delays its second closed alpha test to July 8

The second closed alpha test for social-focused survival sandbox BitCraft has changed a couple of times before, as studio Clockwork Labs first stated it...

Palworld adds alpha pal breeding, teases new critters, and prepares a Summer Games Fest presentation

It's been a bit of time since we granted a more focused peek in on Palworld, particularly since most of its social media posts...

Star Citizen’s May dev report shares work on new ships, new game modes, and progress towards 4.0 and 1.0

It's time yet again for a monthly Star Citizen progress report, and while much of the May 2024 edition is understandably about alpha 3.23...

World of Warcraft: The War Within begins beta testing

"To preserve our world, we must face the shadow." With this call to action, World of Warcraft's newest expansion invites in beta testers from around...

Legends of Aria’s crypto version, Britaria, goes bust over ‘financial constraints’

When Citadel Studios announced back in April that it was planning to relaunch the Kickstarted MMORPG Legends of Aria (fka Shards Online) as a...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 471: A Gold Road to the promised Tarisland

Justin and Bree discuss Tarisland, Elder Scrolls Online's Gold Road, Corepunk's alpha, WoW Classic Cataclysm, SWTOR, and Star Trek Online, with adventures in WoW, LOTRO, Guild Wars 2, and City of Heroes, plus mailbag topics on industry jargon, IGN's buying spree, and Embracer.

BitCraft shares a preview of its wide world in a new cinematic video

If you weren't among the 6,500 players who got to try out the last alpha test of BitCraft, then you understandably might feel like...