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Betawatch: World of Warcraft: Dragonflight sets its sights on November 28

If it's very flappy but it isn't a bird and it's very scaly but it isn't a lizard, what is it? Why, it's a...

WoW Factor: Updating our World of Warcraft expansion data set with the Dragonflight release date

Aw yeah, who likes math? I like math. I really like math, and you all know it, and you have to consistently sit there...

Star Citizen follows up on alpha 3.18 feature developments as the build heads towards a November release

Alpha 3.18 has been the talk of Star Citizen's summer series of Inside Star Citizen videos, but now that Cloud Imperium is wrapping up...

Ravendawn has a blockchain-linked version of itself that is now called RavenQuest

Regular readers are likely familiar with Ravendawn, the Open Tibia-built sandbox MMORPG that first unveiled itself in 2021 and more recently entered into closed...

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen brings back pre-alpha sessions starting October 1

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is looking back at the year that was and ahead to the future in this month's newsletter, starting with...
Oh, hey.

MMO sandbox BitCraft makes exploring – and walking – far more satisfying

Even though BitCraft is still in pre-alpha, that doesn't mean its world is devoid of meaning and content. The studio behind the procedurally generated...
Sure, all right, whatever?

Betawatch: Diablo IV’s endgame beta is on the way

What's the endgame going to be like for Diablo IV? All right, yes, it's going to be frantically clicking on monsters who explode in...

Star Citizen introduces its new localization team and talks about improving Siege of Orison

Star Citizen has a localization team. That might not sound like anything major on its face, but when one considers that the game has...

Ultima Online delays New Legacy into 2023, hosts in-game faire to celebrate 25th anniversary

At the top of 2022, MMO studio Broadsword was still on track to launch Ultima Online's New Legacy by the end of the year....

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen continues its breakdown of pre-alpha classes and shows off updated models

Last month, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen offered a look at four of the seven playable classes that will be available in the MMORPG's...

Star Citizen’s total crowdfunding just hit over half a billion dollars

What can $500M get you? In the case of Star Citizen, more development coals shoveled into the fires of Chris Roberts' vision: The game's...
Not factored.

Betawatch: Fractured Online enters early access

Well, the hour has come at last: Kickstarted indie sandbox MMO Fractured Online has entered early access. This does not mean that it no...
This non-game sucks, Beavis.

Inside Star Citizen grants a look of hull scraping, salvage, and the Drake Vulture in action

Star Citizen has made a lot of noise about the salvaging profession, including the ships, mechanics, and tools that will make that profession work,...

Self-described ‘infinite open-world MMO’ DreamWorld releases early access build and a free trial

Back in March 2021 we got wind of a new Kickstarter MMO called DreamWorld, which talked up a huge amount of game upon its...

Star Citizen’s CitizenCon officially kicks off on October 8 – here’s what to expect

Followers of Star Citizen have likely heard some early rumblings about the game's annual CitizenCon showcase, but now they have much more information about...

The Wagadu Chronicles’ second alpha kicks off today with a schedule of in-character and player events

Alpha 2 for afrofantasy sandbox MMORPG The Wagadu Chronicles has officially begun today, and the devs at Twin Drums are doing it up big...

The Game Archaeologist: The legacy of Ultima Online

Last week in The Game Archaeologist, we traced the history of Ultima Onlineā€™s origin, development, and testing -- not to mention one pesky in-game...

Betawatch: Temtem enters the launch waters

Farewell, Temtem. No, the game is not already shutting down or anything dire like that; it's just being removed from our list because we...

Star Citizen shares a preview of alpha 3.18’s new derelicts and offers updates on outposts

Spaceships crash in Star Citizen, and when they do, they sometimes get turned into derelicts to plumb and settlements to explore. While alpha 3.17.2...

Palia wraps up Alpha 2, confirms more tests are coming, and teases ‘something super exciting’ in Discord

Let's take a peek at the in-development comfy cozy MMO Palia, shall we? As readers might remember, the game kicked off Alpha 2 at...