Final Fantasy XIV previews the upcoming patch ‘Gods Revel, Lands Tremble’

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No, Final Fantasy XIV‘s patch 6.3 is not coming out tomorrow. Or the day after. Or even the day after that. In fact, patch 6.3, which has been titled Gods Revel, Lands Tremble, will be released in early January 2023, so you’ll be waiting until the new year to experience it. And you will want to experience it as soon as you can, as the first live letter has previewed some of what players can expect aside from the expected new MSQ installments, new dungeon, and new deity-related raid in the form of Euphrosyne.

Players will also have a new Deep Dungeon to explore dubbed Eureka Orthos, which requires completing the MSQ and getting to floor 50 in the Palace of the Dead. There are also further adjustments coming to the Island Sanctuary, with new ranks, visions, items, and crafts. And yes, there are new UI options and improvements coming, as well as displaying character portraits in dungeons. Check out this summary for an idea of everything that’s coming, and get pumped up for more previews and more details as the new year approaches.

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