We'll find it eventually.

No Man’s Sky has a community devoted to transportation via black holes

In real life, as near as we can tell from the science, the only place you get transported to when you enter a black...
I probably don't exist.

Peria Chronicles has announced its first test phase starting on May 9

After a long silence, it looks like Peria Chronicles is finally moving into a state of active testing! Or it is soon, anyhow; registration...

Star Citizen patch 3.5 is now playable for all, including playing as a lady

At long last - seriously, it's been weeks of delay - everyone can play a female character in Star Citizen. Everyone who can...
And do you have a computer?

The Daily Grind: How long does it take for wipes to bother you in an MMO?

This is not a question about wipes in general. If the first wipe in a Final Fantasy XIV dungeon happens with a veteran party...
Please let this stay far away from Rowling's endless retcons.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is in beta down in New Zealand

Love Pokemon Go but hate its relative lack of British wizards? Then Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is for you. Especially if you're in New...
Let the crows fall, let them tumble.

Crowfall details adjustments incoming for a more player-shaped siege window system

The whole point of having a PvP system with captured land and territories is to spark interesting PvP battles between players. If you can...
It's gone.

Into the Super-Verse: The death of the City of Heroes community

Kingdom Come is a 1996 DC Comics miniseries by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. The central conceit of the story is that it...
hnn... colonel

Apex Legends patch hardens its large lads while making long-range gameplay more viable

Poor Caustic, Pathfinder, and Gibraltar in Apex Legends. They were just trying to run around and not get shot, but they're dummy thicc, and...

Star Trek Online kicks off a new event with a free Tier 6 ship coupon as a reward

It's hard to find a single player in Star Trek Online who would say no to a free Tier 6 ship with no strings...
Swipe left.

World of Warcraft updates companion app with guild and community chat and calendars

If you guys do, in fact, have phones, you are exactly the target audience for the latest update arriving for the companion app for 
This will probably be fine.

AdventureQuest 3D shares some notes on the design of New Battleon

So... well, we don't technically know what's going to be happening that will make New Battleon a thing in AdventureQuest 3D. It's probably...
When will the loot drop

Lineage II shows off plenty of buffs and promotions for its 15-year anniversary

Going for a decade is a nice milestone for any MMO, but Lineage II passed that milestone a while ago. About five years ago,...

Shroud of the Avatar opens up a player decoration contest with a player-owned town as the top prize

Who likes playing interior decorator in Shroud of the Avatar? A new contest for the game's community is asking you to do just that,...
Too bad, so sad.

EverQuest II is merging its Fallen Gate progression server to its live Antonia Bayle server

It'll soon be time for EverQuest II players to bid farewell to the Fallen Gate server. As a time-locked expansion server it offered...
The problem might not be the trying itself, guy.

CCP discusses trying, failing, and trying again in the wake of Project Nova’s demise

The history of CCP Games is one of EVE Online continuing on even while the developer watches every other project stutter and collapse. 
Bye Felicia.

Final Fantasy XIV’s North American data center split requires maintenance on April 22

April 23rd is the official date for the split of the two North American data centers for Final Fantasy XIV into three, but players...
Our faith has been rewarded!

Peria Chronicles promises to announce something soon via Facebook

Those of us who were still looking forward to Peria Chronicles got used to being mocked. We grew accustomed to being told that we...
Not pictured: Egg.

Final Fantasy XI kicks off its annual Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza on April 15

It's almost time for the denizens of Vana'diel to run around desperately hoping to find a set of eggs that spell out important words...
Not scary any more.

The Daily Grind: What MMO has the absolute worst official site?

Every so often I'm reminded of how hopelessly bad the Final Fantasy XI site actually is. I don't entirely blame the designers; the site was...

Blizzard says negative fan feedback won’t divert the course of its storytelling in World of Warcraft

Sometimes a statement can be both the right and wrong thing to say at the same time, and if you're thinking that sounds like...