This may just be bad.

Old School RuneScape launches and then immediately rolls back its Leagues III event

Today was the much-vaunted launch of Old School RuneScape's Leagues III event, a seasonal progression event in which players are challenged to take on the...
Did you give this class a STAND?!

Blade & Soul offers a preview of the Soul Fighter’s upcoming Divine Hand specialization

Why should your Soul Fighter in Blade & Soul have to get close to an opponent just to kick them around? That seems to be...
Kan-E-Senna is a lush.

Final Fantasy XIV details the rewards from its clown-filled Halloween event for January

We've never been given an explanation for why, exactly, Final Fantasy XIV has delayed its Halloween event this year until... well, very shortly now....
Not the problem.

The Daily Grind: What kind of update would bring you back to a lapsed MMO?

If the biggest thing that kept you away from Elyon was the lack of an ability to arrow things in the face, the game's most...
Who will be the baby of the year.

Albion Online plans to host the Season 14 Crystal League Championship on February 26 and 27

Who's the best in the business of Albion Online PvP, at least within the context of Crystal League? That's what you're going to find...
Temmie get money for college.

Temtem patches in bug fixes and monster differentiation based on community feedback

It's been an interesting ride for Temtem over the past year, with the game receiving its final planned region in an update and eyeing a...
Prepare to complete the preparation for completion!

Path of Exile announces a stream to announce the release date for Siege of the Atlas

So if you've been following Path of Exile closely, you know that the game's next expansion is coming out in February at some point....

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic ups drop rates and prepares for Phase 3

The next phase of content for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic is just around the corner, with Phase 3's rollout starting on...

Final Fantasy XIV outlines plans for sales resumption, server expansion, and server adjustments

If your server in Final Fantasy XIV is still crowded right now, you can be assured that Naoki Yoshida knows that, and the team...

Path of Exile says Scourge won’t become an evergreen mechanic following the end of the league

With the next major update for Path of Exile slated for early February and the end of the Scourge league in sight, a simple question...
Same old story, same old song and dance.

Datamining reveals a potential Blood Knight class for Diablo Immortal

It almost feels kind of odd that there aren't Blood Knights running around from the word "go" in every Diablo game, given the way that...
Clowning around.

Final Fantasy XIV kicks off All Saints’ Wake on January 20

After many delays and endless speculation, the Halloween event for Final Fantasy XIV is finally arriving on January 20th. What an absolute clown show. No, that's...

The Daily Grind: What do you think the end looks like for the ongoing Blizzard saga?

Folks, it gives me absolutely no happiness to say this, but it's increasingly difficult to see an outcome in the ongoing Activision-Blizzard scandal where...

Final Fantasy XI launches its January update with new Ambuscade and harder Odyssey monsters

There's no new story content in this month's update for Final Fantasy XI, but since at one point the game was supposed to never get...
These spreadsheet dots need to look impressive.

EVE Online says farewell to DirectX 9 support today

When you're playing EVE Online without being zoomed out to the point wherein everything is just a dot on a tactical display, you may notice...
Morty mort.

Mortal Online 2 patches in new features and creatures ahead of its launch

Mortal Online 2 is moving into a full launch on January 25th, but even though that's just a couple weeks away, the developers still...
Oh no snail.

World of Warcraft informs players that Shards of Domination will be turned off in patch 9.2 content

We hope you didn't spend too much time farming up Shards of Domination in World of Warcraft on the basis of future-proofing against more difficult...

Take-Two acquires Zynga for a price of $12.7 billion

If you've ever played one of the FarmVille games and thought that it would be much better if you could hop in a stolen motor...
Into the unknown.

Final Fantasy XIV has its story beats up through patch 7.0 planned out already

It turns out that the Final Fantasy XIV team isn't resting in the wake of the Endwalker launch. The recent Radio Mog Station event with producer...
Chop chop.

The Daily Grind: Do you prefer learning or executing mechanics in MMO fights?

When it comes to any MMO battle with mechanics more complex than, "There's a guy over there so go perform violence upon that guy,"...