I have to be wasted for this.

Identity’s latest patch lets you get completely blitzed out of your mind

The newest patch for MMO sandbox Identity has added consumables to the game, which of course means various things you can put in...
It's fine.

Crowfall releases patch 5.8, the first campaign patch, without the first campaign

Good news, Crowfall fans, the long-awaited patch for the game's first real campaign releases today! Except it does so without the actual just-referenced...
A wreck of our ambition

The Repopulation’s long-awaited update is arriving December 18

Yes, you're getting an update to game mechanics in The Repopulation for this holiday season. And that's the true meaning of Christmas, patches for The...
oh the pain, the pain

Legends of Aria discusses early access ‘growing pains’ while hotfixes keep rolling

It's been a rough ride for Legends of Aria in early access, something that the game's most recent newsletter acknowledged; the game was
I still love you, robot.

Torchlight Frontiers recaps the progress of its second alpha test

The second alpha for Torchlight Frontiers has guttered to a close, and it turns out that the players involved were fools of the highest...
Where do we go now

World of Warcraft is shifting the unlocks of artifact power and adding cross-faction elixirs

Remember when World of Warcraft launched and the developers specifically ensured that Forsaken and Human players couldn't speak with one another to keep a...
They exist.

The Daily Grind: What animals would you like to see more of in MMOs?

This probably will not surprise anyone reading this, but I really like animals. But I still get a bit depressed at the fact that...

DayZ actually launches with version 1.0, conditions in the underworld described as ‘chilling’

The day we never thought would arrive has arrived. DayZ has actually launched version 1.0. It has launched. It's actually arrived at launch. No...

Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates seven years with firework backpacks

It's been seven years of playing in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and to celebrate the occasion, players can strap a volatile mixture of...
It's a new time.

EVE Online updates players on its efforts in fighting against bots

Even in the cutthroat world of EVE Online, there are things you can't get away with, and one of those things is botting.

Pokemon Go explains the philosophy underpinning its new trainer battles

Why are there different leagues for trainer battles in Pokemon Go? Because Niantic is familiar with the game's competitive scene, that's why. The...
Sure, it's probably better-looking.

Otherland discusses the process of improving visuals and performance at the same time

Graphical quality is an ongoing struggle. On the one hand, developers want to make the prettiest game possible; on the other hand, no one...

Netmarble’s appeal over deceptive lockbox practices has been dismissed

Even South Korea is getting mighty tired of lockboxes... or at least, tired of scuzzy business practices associated with them. Netmarble had been...
awesome show great job

Artifact’s playerbase is already dropping fast, just like the value of its cards

It was years ago that Magic: the Gathering fans learned a very simple fact about collectible card games: Cards are toys, not investments, and...

Final Fantasy XIV unveils its site for patch 4.5

The only way to the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion is through the last patch of this expansion, just like the only way...

The Daily Grind: When have MMO devs brought up ‘universal’ experiences that ring hollow?

I remember the developers talking about Legendary items in World of Warcraft: Legion in hushed tones, noting that they wanted to replicate the experience...
It's a bribe, Charlie Brown.

Defiance 2050 and Defiance brings the Solstice Strike on December 17

Even in the ruined world of Defiance 2050, people are still gathering around to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. What would that be?...
Sir Viva!

Survived By is moving forward and tackling bugs, starting with items and economy

The development team is listening to player feedback in Survived By, and there are issues to be addressed. First and foremost are the...
are you candy

Dauntless corrects the height of its CE statue and apologizes for the error

Bad news, Dauntless fans; if you're getting the game's Collector's Edition, your Pangar statue will not be as expected. By which we mean it...

Closers Online’s Luna is live today for shield-bashing fun

Years of shields as a tanking tool in MMOs tend to make us think of shields as being purely defensive, but when you think...