She does look more pale.

Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 5.15 arrives on December 10 with Blue Mage and PvP updates

It seems not that long ago that we were wondering when we would be getting an official date for the next Final Fantasy XIV...
leave my dagron alone

Legends of Aria ran into major issues with its New Dawn patch, but it’s up now

Legends of Aria New Dawn update was meant to release yesterday, but you might have noticed that it didn't quite happen to plan. Last...
Sort of like jingles.

Final Fantasy XI brings out some extra style for this year’s Starlight Celebration

Are you tired of sitting down in the most boring and tedious fashion possible in Final Fantasy XI? Do you feel your muscles clench...

Blade & Soul previews Will of Iron’s new Destroyer spec, teases Korean UE4 graphics overhaul

The update arriving for Blade & Soul on December 11th includes a third spec for the Destroyer, the Way of the Iron Will,...
Well, thanks anyhow.

The Elder Scrolls Online is announcing its next major chapter in January

The time-honored announcement of a future announcement is here now for The Elder Scrolls Online, as the developers have announced that the game's...
Here we come again.

WoW Factor: A history of itemization in World of Warcraft

Huh. You know, I really thought I'd written about the whole Corruption system in World of Warcraft's upcoming 8.3 before now in a format...
Sexy, kinda.

The Daily Grind: How much does raw graphical power matter to you for MMOs?

Graphics matter. It's really appealing to go with the general approach of being above simple graphics informing your opinion about a game, but we...
Everything old is... well, it's actually still old.

Star Wars: The Old Republic plans eighth anniversary and Life Day festivities

It is perhaps mildly ironic that Star Wars: The Old Republic is now getting rather old in and of itself, since the game is...
My little pony, my little pony, ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh ♪

Conan Exiles adds mounted combat and followers in tomorrow’s patch

Tomorrow, it will be time for fans of Conan Exiles to take their horses to the old town road and ride until... well,...
The back end.

Star Trek Online makes Phoenix Packs permanent while removing a daily free pack

The biggest problem you can get with exchanges between real-money currencies and in-game currencies in MMOs is when one is far more valuable than...
You're reaching, guy.

Halo: Reach remaster launches on Steam to high concurrent user numbers

That subtitle isn't a lie, folks! It turns out that when you re-release a well-known and classic multiplayer title on a new platform, people...
It was a thing.

EverQuest Online Adventures emulator updates fans on the state of the project and how fans can help

While the original EverQuest and EverQuest II are still running, the game's console edition of EverQuest Online Adventures shut down back...
Happy something or other.

RuneScape shows off its holiday armor, the Christmas event, and smoother movement for December

Merry Christmas, RuneScape fans! Your holiday award this year is movement not looking horribly janky! Well... all right, your actual holiday event...

A Jesuit priest is trying out a Vatican Minecraft server to encourage non-toxic behavior

We're familiar with the ways that online games, even generally rather innocent ones like Minecraft, can wind up being breeding grounds for some...
To most people, that's actual money.

Riot Games will pay $10 million to settle its ‘bro culture’ gender discrimination lawsuit

Back in August, the LA Times reported that Riot Games had agreed to settle the class-action discrimination lawsuit lodged against it. The suit...
{ Gather together. }

Rumor: An official Final Fantasy XI fan gathering is scheduled for February 27

If you're a fan of Final Fantasy XI, it's easy to feel at times like you're sort of the forgotten child. Sure, the...
Mobile spreadsheets.

EVE Echoes launches its open beta on mobile devices

It's time to keep a little piece of cutthroat space politics in your pocket wherever you go, as the open beta for EVE...
why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends

The Daily Grind: How quickly do you friend people in an MMO?

As many of you probably know, my first MMO was Final Fantasy XI, which made adding someone to your friend list a sacred procedure...
Really, already?

The Daily Grind: How much does fear of missing out motivate your MMO playtime?

Here's the reality about Ishgard reconstruction in Final Fantasy XIV. There's stuff I want from it, I can do the crafting, there are many...
Remember, Estinien is dumb.

The Daily Grind: What’s the most awkward moment you’ve ever stumbled into in an MMO?

Sometimes I feel disappointed that despite 16 years spent playing MMOs, I have never once stumbled into public ERP. Despite the reputations of places like...