Final Fantasy XIV begins the Hatching-Tide event on March 20, complete with Tonberry glamour

It appears that this year's Hatching-Tide event in Final Fantasy XIV will have basically nothing to do with eggs or even anything remotely seasonal....

The Daily Grind: What terrible MMO story moment will never leave your mind?

I know I can almost always make Bree giggle by talking about how my father trifles with doors. It's a Guild Wars thing. And...
Hollow Knee.

Final Fantasy XIV schedules its next Live Letter for the end of March

Ready to take a gander at the content coming to Final Fantasy XIV in patch 6.4? Heck, ready to get a title for the...
Set sail for bees.

World of Warcraft will remove the Pathfinder requirement for Battle for Azeroth flight in patch 10.0.7

Inside of you are two wolves. One of them wants to be able to fly in Battle for Azeroth areas in World of Warcraft...

Final Fantasy XIV examines how its project managers work on the game behind the scenes

If you're not familiar with what project managers do, you might not understand why Final Fantasy XIV needs them or what they're doing on...
On no, my ranks.

The Daily Grind: Are there any MMOs you regret not playing again when you could?

Game shut down. It's sad, but it happens. And more often than not when I can see an MMO is going to wave farewell,...
Yes. This is the way the world ends.

Final Fantasy XI’s latest patch contains more Voracious Resurgence and Sortie queue changes

It's the beginning of the end for the Voracious Resurgence story in Final Fantasy XI, and you know it's the beginning of the end...
Ships, but they fight.

EVE Online changes the rules for factional warfare in latest update

The cutthroat nature of EVE Online means that sometimes you might have to choose between the player corporation you want to work for and...

World of Warcraft promises more race-class combos, discusses affixes, cross-faction guilds, and cadence

Do you want more class and race combinations in World of Warcraft? Possibly the additional ones we already know exist, like Night Elf Paladins...
Crashy crashy.

The Daily Grind: What consistent MMO bugs push you out of a game?

Games crash. Seriously, it happens. Computers crash in general, games crash, and it's not exactly fun or something you want to experience, but it...
she YELL

World of Warcraft gives every inactive account free Dragonflight access for the weekend

So, how's World of Warcraft: Dragonflight doing? Well, the game is running a promotional campaign this weekend offering expansion access to every inactive account...
When the counterprogramming gets kind of sad.

The Daily Grind: How active is your friend list in an MMO?

My friend list in World of Warcraft is a virtual graveyard. No, most of the people on it are not dead (to my knowledge),...
Dread? Not!

Star Trek Online plans its anniversary celebration for console players on March 14

The 13th anniversary festivities for Star Trek Online are arriving for console players on March 14th, even though the game has not actually been...

Final Fantasy XIV and Puma are collaborating for a new line of shoes, shirts, and pants

You might not think that Final Fantasy XIV wants to be Destiny 2, since the two games play differently and are made by different...
Not a lizard.

World of Warcraft reveals Embers of Neltharion while planning for its next patch before the end of the month

First things first: If you're looking forward to World of Warcraft's patch 10.0.7, you won't have to wait a whole lot longer. The patch...
Oh, look, Giddy.

Final Fantasy XI sees the beginning of the end of the Voracious Resurgence with its next patch

The Voracious Resurgence is coming to an end in Final Fantasy XI. That's a bit sad. Then again, it's also a storyline that started...
fscking bnuuy

Square-Enix is relocating its Japanese offices to Shibuya in late 2024

In Neo: The World Ends With You, released in 2021, the plot centered around a neverending metaphysical competition in Tokyo's Shibuya district in the...
tweet tweet

Star Trek Online sends console players into the Bird Cage on March 14th

It's the maximum-security prison of the Terran Empire. It houses a prisoner that you, as a player, need to get out of there pronto....
Un secret.

The Daily Grind: What’s the most shameful MMO relaunch you can think of?

We love a good relaunch story around here. We all like to tell stories like Final Fantasy XIV where a game comes out, isn't...

World of Warcraft previews the new adventures on the Forbidden Reach in patch 10.0.7

Raszageth is gone in World of Warcraft. She's not here any more. But her legacy lives on... specifically, her legacy of being the reason...