Kickstarted superhero MMORPG City of Titans releases new test build with massively expanded map


Big news for superhero MMORPG fans today, as the crowdfunded City of Heroes spiritual successor City of Titans has released a new development update – and a trailer to go with it.

“Like a phoenix from the flames, Titan City is coming to life today and we invite you all to come experience the beautiful city you all helped us envision and create!” Missing Worlds Media writes. “We know it’s been a long time since we have spoken, and an even longer time since we started this journey. But NOW, we are at a point where we are ready to open access to the massive, immersive world the City of Titans volunteers have created for you. Today you can download from our patch the latest update and have access to the full launch area of City of Titans! Eight large city districts and 42 unique neighborhoods / themed areas are ready for you to explore!”

The announcement post clarifies that while the game is eventually coming to Mac, this test is limited to PC; this build is missing minimaps, vehicles of every sort, interior buildings/missions, and most enemies, though there are some villains on deck and combat is functional. Players will presumably be focused on the city map areas, travel skills light flight, parkour activities, and (of course) the costume creator and avatar builder. The map being shown today represents “less than half of the total environment eventually planned for the game.”

Access isn’t free; players will need to own or purchase a copy of the game, so $50 gets you into this leg of testing.

Readers will recall that the game was originally funded on Kickstarter for $678K back in 2013, at which time it was the leading superhero MMO to spring up in the aftermath of City of Heroes’ sunset. That was, of course, over 10 years ago, and in in recent years the team has been hobbled by what it called a “shoestring” budget, but now the team has delivered on the map update it promised earlier this year.

Source: Discord, official site. Thanks, Warcabbit!
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