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Kickstarted superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes’ power augments borrow all the right bits from City of Heroes

How about news on two crowdfunded superhero MMORPGs in one day? We'll take it: Not only did City of Titans drop a new build...

Kickstarted superhero MMORPG City of Titans releases new test build with massively expanded map

Big news for superhero MMORPG fans today, as the crowdfunded City of Heroes spiritual successor City of Titans has released a new development update...

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While the City of Heroes rogue servers continue to roll and spiritual successors such as City of Titans and Ship of Heroes are vocal...

City of Titans shares scads of game assets created by its primary 3-D artist

Back at the tail end of January we had gotten word from City of Titans that the game is "operating on a used shoestring"...

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As City of Titans and its volunteer team enter yet another year of development, Project Lead Chris Hare submitted to an interview on how...

City of Titans devs say there are ‘many, many reasons for optimism’ in 2022

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Crowdfunded superhero MMO City of Titans has talked about a whole lot this year -- its city, its travel powers, and even its music....

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I'm going to be honest, this latest internal interview piece from City of Titans is kind of all over the place. That's probably appropriate,...

Indie superhero MMO City of Titans shares map progress and new screenshots

Nine times out of 10, an in-house interview with a developer can be extremely thin on information, but that is mercifully not the case...

City of Titans’ lead gameplay designer on combat engine progress and other developments

The developers of City of Titans are talking among themselves. That's not to say they're trying to be gossipy; they're sharing some internal interviews,...

City of Titans’ senior gameplay engineer talks about creating super-powers

Crafting perfect powers is essential for any superhero MMORPG. If they don't look, feel, or function in the impressive way that players expect, it...