Kickstarted superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes’ power augments borrow all the right bits from City of Heroes


How about news on two crowdfunded superhero MMORPGs in one day? We’ll take it: Not only did City of Titans drop a new build and video, but now Ship of Heroes has posted a preview of its power augmentation system. Augments are a bit like enhancements from City of Heroes; instead of upgrading your gear, you’ll be augmenting your powers with more damage, accuracy, and recharge, depending on your preferences.

“In the twenty-fifth century, heroes have advanced to the point of being able to strengthen – or augment, hence the name – their own superpowers, making themselves more capable of handling the many enemies the FHS Justice faces on a regular basis,” Heroic Games says. “These augments can include anything from a magical power-up, to specialized technology, to even downloading new skills and memories. Future updates will likely give more detailed explanations about how different augments work in the lore. You, the player, get to decide which backstory and which augments you choose for your character.”

The system looks an awful lot like City of Heroes’ system, too, which isn’t a bad thing (no sense reinventing a wheel that works and works well); in fact, since the augments aren’t currently level-bound, they work like CoH’s crafted IOs. And as of right now, there’s no penalty for stacking augments – no enhancement diversification nerf here, folks.

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