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Ship of Heroes talks about its variety of missions, asks players how many hours of mission content should be at launch

Your superhero in Ship of Heroes is going to need things to do. Luckily, the developers at Heroic Games are planning on making...

Ship of Heroes talks class picks, chaotic fights, and more beta events this fall

If you were following Ship of Heroes this past summer, you know that Heroic Games ran several beta events for backers and looky-loos...

The Stream Team: It’s raining invasions in Ship of Heroes

What is Ship of Heroes up to these days? Invasions! Today the devs are doing a special event for players (backers or not!),...

Superhero MMO Ship of Heroes opens its doors to all gamers for this weekend’s invasion test

Ship of Heroes is gearing up for yet another test of its large-scale invasion content this weekend, and it's inviting you. Yes, you....

Into the Super-verse: Early impressions of Valiance Online

When I heard that Valiance Online was going to be running an open beta this week to coincide with the PlayNYC convention, I...

Ship of Heroes is gearing up to test its ‘big battle capabilities’ this weekend

Valiance Online isn't the only superhero MMORPG in full testing mode right now: Ship of Heroes is also rearing its head this...

Unpredictable aliens are invading Ship of Heroes next weekend

City of Heroes veterans no doubt fondly (or not-so-fondly) recall the numerous Rikti invasions that happened in Paragon City over the years.

Korean casual mobile game dev Game Tales plans on creating a large-scale PC and a mobile MMORPG using UE5

As the promise of Unreal Engine 5's capabilities start to sink in, our little part of the gaming world is seeing perhaps the...

Ship of Heroes preps June test run with new animations and better performance

It's June, folks, and you know what that means: Ship of Heroes' promised next test. "Today is June 1st and we said we are...

Ship of Heroes is enthusiastic about Unreal Engine 5 – but practical implementation is a long way off

Last week, Epic dropped a bunch of news and a headline-grabbing video showcasing Unreal 5. While a lot of the ensuing discussion centered...

Ship of Heroes demos the Twin Swords powerset and considers the pace of combat

How fast is too fast when it comes to MMO combat? That's the question that's currently being pondered by the Ship of Heroes...

Massively Overthinking: Canaries in the MMO coal mine

A few weeks back on the MOP Podcast, reader Danny posed us such a provocative question that we said right then we were...

Ship of Heroes launches an invasion event test with Riot at the Arches

One of my favorite memories in the classic City of Heroes game was the launch of the Rikti Invasion, which saw Atlas Park get...

Into the Super-verse: Catching up with the big superhero MMOs

With the weirdness of the quarantine and how it's been impacting game development, I thought it might be a good time to take a...

Over a thousand people rolled toons in Ship of Heroes’ impromptu beta

Ship of Heroes had been making the best of the COVID-19 stay-home mandates with an impromptu beta test. Now that the test is...

The Stream Team: Sheltering in space in Ship of Heroes

So Massively OP's MJ is confined to home now, but what if she were confined to a giant ship? Ship of Heroes has opened...

Here’s what you can do in Ship of Heroes’ surprise beta right now

Last week, Ship of Heroes' Heroic Games announced a "surprise" beta test round - open to the public - during the COVID-19...

Ship of Heroes just announced a ‘surprise beta’ for everyone during the pandemic

So here's a fun Friday surprise: Ship of Heroes boss Casey McGeever asked fans what the team - all working from home -...

Ship of Heroes drops new Street Fighting powerset video and pics

Hey, it's been a bit since we've checked in on Ship of Heroes, but the team is back in action with a brand-new...

Ship of Heroes grants a look a new Martial Arts melee powerset in a video

It takes a special kind of superhero to go into a fight against the forces superheroes face with nothing but your fists and feet,...