Ship of Heroes asks fans to sound off on what makes raiding fun

Red eyes take warning.

The last couple of weeks have probably felt a bit weird around the Ship of Heroes offices thanks to the legal revival of City of Heroes, but the upcoming game has reached out to fans with a new survey about a very specific kind of gameplay: raiding. It’s a contentious topic for a lot of MMORPG fans, and a mode that has never been particularly well-represented in SoH‘s obvious inspiration, but right now the developers of the game are asking players about what they do or don’t like about raiding as a whole.

The survey runs about four pages and should be fairly quick to complete, although there are spaces for longer answers if you feel like waxing poetic. It’s also important to note that the survey asks for reasons players might not care for raids as much as for reasons players do like them, so it seems to definitely be focused around why people may or may not be into the content. If you’d like to toss in your two cents, do check out the whole thing.

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