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It's the same basic bench.

Final Fantasy XI’s holiday Starlight Celebration runs December 15-31

The time has come once again for Final Fantasy XI's adventurers to celebrate the Starlight season from December 15th through December 31st, and as...

The Day Before actually launched – and it’s already being savaged in reviews

Does anything inspire faith in a game more than the developers coming out to specifically say that their game is not a scam or...
Ho to the HO to the H2O

Astroneer brings back Project C.H.E.E.R. for Christmas, promises new roadmap in 2024

It's been a weird year for Astroneer, but the latest update to the game contains some good news for the studio and the game's...
whatever and fine

Throne & Liberty shows off its Korean interface and shares more music

If you're jazzed for Throne & Liberty, we have good news for you today... assuming you don't mind kind of reading between the lines....
I'm sad!

Final Fantasy XI plans a challenge event for the community in December as part of its patch

To just look at the list breakdown of the content being added for Final Fantasy XI's December patch - the last one of the...
Classic, classic.

World of Warcraft Classic’s Season of Discovery officially launches today

If you think that you're pretty familiar with World of Warcraft in its classic incarnation by now, you probably are; it's not as if...
Coarse air.

Final Fantasy XIV announces the streaming plans for the Tokyo Fan Festival

If you cannot make it all the way out to Tokyo for January but still really want to learn all of the new information...

World of Warcraft’s Classic servers are removing Honor decay altogether with the next weekly maintenance

The classic World of Warcraft PvP system involved a whole lot of grinding for ranks, then continuing to grind forever to make sure that...
Days late and many dollars short.

The Sims 5 developers are looking to Animal Crossing and Among Us for multiplayer inspiration

If the promise of multiplayer in The Sims 5 (technically still Project Rene but let's not front) brings you memories of The Sims Online,...
The horror

RuneScape previews its Christmas Village with a new black party hat

Do you want to experience the winter holiday in RuneScape? The developers are certainly hoping you do, or even if you don't that you...
Suitable for Bodylande.

Valheim shows off armor and weapons approaching with the Ashlands

When your viking is out in the lands of Valheim striding across the Ashlands, what is your first priority? No, it is not dying...

World of Warcraft’s John Hight talks cosmic scale in expansions and sticking to the timeline in Classic

In the wake of this year's BlizzCon, interviews with the World of Warcraft team continue to trickle out, with the latest one being with...
Ashorty got aslow.

Tencent dives into the backstory of Tarisland’s Aslow the Shadow Witch

If you've fallen in love with the unique cadence of Tarisland's not-quite-correct English translations from its various video narrations, you will probably enjoy the...
A short-term advantage, you say?

World of Warcraft’s Ion Hazzikostas claims War Within early access won’t grant long-term advantages

So let's recap for people who have missed out on this. World of Warcraft's next expansion, The War Within, is available for pre-order. This...
Tipshat Milady

DC Universe Online adds new difficulties, a new tutorial, and new character creation in GU 139

Despite what other MMOs may have led you to believe, the Gentleman Ghost in DC Universe Online is not at all averse to violence...
Cool story, bro.

New World previews Eternal Frost’s Glacial Tarn expedition, celebrates big win for its musical score

Whether you're ready to say that it's ice to meet this boss or just want to drop a clever bon mot about how clearly...
I had to.

Final Fantasy XIV will run a cloud server stress test on November 20

Server hardware has been an ongoing thing for Final Fantasy XIV, so it's probably not a huge shock that the developers are seeing how...

World of Warcraft previews its next patch update, Seeds of Renewal

It's been like half an hour since the last World of Warcraft update and we still haven't heard about the plans for the next...

Guild Wars 2 shows off the support options of Mesmers with rifles

You probably do not think of rifles as a supportive option most of the time, and if someone claims that she will heal you...
Thank you for your service, as always.

The next PAX East is scheduled for March 21 to 24 in 2024

It would behoove someone to make sure that PAX as a convention is not run by Dracula from Castlevania. It's basically the same thing,...