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Star Trek Online’s former lead producer departs Cryptic

With several series finales and touching moments in history, fans of Star Trek have many ways to say goodbye. Now that former lead producer...
So what WILL you take?

Blizzard dev says there’s no internal comms over Hong Kong fiasco: ‘It’s pulling our teams apart at the seams’

Blizzard has yet to publicly respond to the widespread outrage over its decision to ban professional Hearthstone player Blitzchung following his statement of...

Final Fantasy XIV outlines the changes coming to the game’s performance system in patch 5.1

It'd be nice enough if Final Fantasy XIV had a system for musical performances that was just dropped in the game and then functionally...
Let's dig our way out!

A World of Warcraft LGBT guild has been forced to change its name

Given the fact that this week has been shining a harsh spotlight on Blizzard's enormous mistake over a Hong Kong Hearthstone player, you would...
Hospital boat.

Ship of Heroes shows off the hospital for the character creation beta

The character creation beta for Ship of Heroes is coming quickly, set to arrive on November 1st. But you won't be limited to...

Temtem shares the first backer-created creature design process

The critters of Temtem are the center of the action, being as the title is a Pokemon-inpsired game which funded last year. This is...
We hunted ourselves.

Fractured opens up a porting test weekend ahead of Alpha 2 in November

How long do projects take in software development? The old standby is that you should take your most realistic estimate and double it, but...

Final Fantasy XIV previews its site for patch 5.1 and the All Saints’ Wake event

It's time for a whole lot of reveals for Final Fantasy XIV, starting with the special site for patch 5.1 having gone up....

Final Fantasy XI’s newest login campaign offers players autumnal decoration

Another month rolling in means another patch for Final Fantasy XI, but it also means a new set of login rewards available for...
Daunting with myself, oh oh.

Dauntless has patched in frame rate uncapping and aether striker balance tweaks today

Do you get deeply upset when games don't allow you to reach FPS counts in the high hundreds, never mind whether or not your...

Washington man charged with theft of $40,000 of games and equipment from Valve headquarters

In 2018, there was a break-in at Valve's offices in Bellevue, WA. Some 15 Xbox One and 23 PlayStation 4 games, between 15-20 Asus...
skulls are scary

Apex Legends kicks off its Fight or Fright event on October 15

Who says that you can't have a properly spooky event in a battle royale game? Apex Legends is working hard at making sure you...

EverQuest II outlines this year’s festivities for the Nights of the Dead

It's time for things to get super spooky in EverQuest II as the Nights of the Dead arrive once more; if you can't celebrate...
Oh no, manchildren!

Final Fantasy XIV’s GARO collaboration ends with patch 5.1; get your rewards now

You remember the Final Fantasy XIV collaboration with GARO, right? It's hard to forget it; where else can you get an invisible shield, mechanical...

Overwatch is getting a young adult novel focused on Orisa’s creator, Efi Oladele

Those of you who know your Overwatch lore no doubt recognize the name Efi Oladele, the creator of robotic hero Orisa in the...
We all remain. We do not become.

World of Warcraft previews patch 8.3, Visions of N’Zoth, and plans Dire Maul for WoW Classic October 15

Hard on the heels of World of Warcraft patch 8.2.5 comes the reveal of patch 8.3, Visions of N'Zoth, the next (and likely final)...
Good grief.

EVE Online previews its October patch and releases its monthly economic report

The October release approaches swiftly for EVE Online, with the update scheduled for October 8th (in the wee hours of the morning for...
The vista

WoW Classic continues un-layering layered servers, video examines WoW Classic’s meaningfulness

Blizzard continues to shut down layering across various realms in World of Warcraft: Classic, with another batch having deactivated the intentionally temporary...
Set sale for design issues.

Atlas has released its devkit on the Epic launcher

If you want to live the life of a pirate on the high seas, you can jump in and play Atlas. If you want...
That's a big oops.

Fallout 76 replaces the Mystery Pick event with a sale due to bugs

The tasks of Fallout 76's Project Clean Appalachia continue with players asked to wipe out the Scorched this week, but perhaps the project...