Final Fantasy XIV highlights Fruity Snacks, a player who is all about fishing

Well, at least he's not a lalafell.

There’s more to Final Fantasy XIV than just emotionally charged fights against birds with depression, and there’s more to the behind-the-scenes elements of the game than just making it. The most recent entry on the game’s official blog shows off just that by having the community team interview Fruity Snacks, a veteran player whose gameplay is all about casting. Casting fishing lines, that is. He’s all in on catching fish, he’s written guides to getting into fishing, he runs the Eorzean Aquarium, and he’s got a lot to say about catching fish.

According to the player himself, he just enjoys exploring the game and how fishing requires working with other players to swap stories and information. He even talks about organizing FishFest events worldwide for the game’s fishing community as well as organizing the various datacenter-specific Eorzean Aquariums. If you’ve ever thought “how much can you really do with fishing in this game,” read the interview and be amazed.

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