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Jukebox Heroes: Exploring World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth’s patch music

One of my favorite modern trends of MMORPGs is that studios are no longer saving the entirety of a soundtrack for the base game or expansion releases. Oh sure, those usually get a great album push -- especially if it's one of the bigger games -- but for a while now, many studios have also been releasing new music on a steady basis with significant content patches.
It knows you sinned.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 242: And then Blizzard said, ‘Hold my beer’

Justin, Bree, and Eliot discuss the Blizzard boytcott and fiasco, the Daybreak layoffs, Shroud of the Avatar's sell-off, the Guild Wars 2 hacker piece, and a few happier stories too.
We also like making you get dumb things!

The Daily Grind: Where do you go to get your World of Warcraft fix?

Following last week's nasty Blizzard Hong Kong mess, many players publicly stepped away from the studio and its games, in some cases deleting...
How is this the relaxing part.

Wisdom of Nym: Picking apart Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 5.1 teaser site

The past week was sure a trip, and a good chunk of it for me was taken up by stuff I didn't want to...

One Shots: Bring me a shrubbery!

When has something as mundane and nondescript as a bush ever been a helpful hero? And when have we ever featured a MapleStory...

Final Fantasy XIV outlines the changes coming to the game’s performance system in patch 5.1

It'd be nice enough if Final Fantasy XIV had a system for musical performances that was just dropped in the game and then functionally...

Final Fantasy XIV previews its site for patch 5.1 and the All Saints’ Wake event

It's time for a whole lot of reveals for Final Fantasy XIV, starting with the special site for patch 5.1 having gone up....
Oh no, manchildren!

Final Fantasy XIV’s GARO collaboration ends with patch 5.1; get your rewards now

You remember the Final Fantasy XIV collaboration with GARO, right? It's hard to forget it; where else can you get an invisible shield, mechanical...

The Daily Grind: Are there any MMO experiences you feel you missed out on that can’t possibly be recreated now?

A while back, at the height of the WoW Classic hype, there was a thread on the MMORPG subreddit by an author...

Monster Hunter World preps November Resident Evil collab, counts 14M sales

If you twist them enough, the parallels between single-player zombie horror series Resident Evil and multiplayer action RPG Monster Hunter: World can be...

Wisdom of Nym: The space remaining in Final Fantasy XIV

If we get more than two more expansions in Final Fantasy XIV, we're going to be moving into some interesting territory: Players are at...

The MOP Up: KurtzPel is getting a dash of Lime

KurtzPel is getting its newest hero, Lime, very soon, and to lead up to her release the game is winging a CP...
Don't worry, something will happen any day now.

Jukebox Heroes: Exploring EverQuest’s official soundtrack

It is fairly rare for an MMORPG to sell an official soundtrack these days unless the game is fairly prominent (i.e., Final Fantasy...

One Shots: Getting all down and cozy

I love a good cozy place in an MMO, moreso if it's got a fully stocked snack bar and some of my all-time favorite...
This is not your house. This is a plaza. Get a house.

Final Fantasy XIV is adding more player housing wards with patch 5.1

If there's one recurring complaint about housing in Final Fantasy XIV (and there is), it's that there just aren't enough houses to go around....

Massively Overthinking: The one about MMO roleplay servers

An MOP reader named Thierry recently pointed us to a brewing storm in the World of Warcraft Classic community: In a nutshell, the...

Final Fantasy XIV outlines the changes being made for Mentors in patch 5.1

You may have noticed that players with Mentor crowns in Final Fantasy XIV are... well, not necessarily the people you would want teaching new players...

Current and former Blizzard employees congratulate the Final Fantasy XIV staff on Shadowbringers

It would be perfectly accurate if you picture Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft as rivals, but if you think that means two...

Wisdom of Nym: Speculating on Final Fantasy XIV’s new relic weapons

So how, exactly, are we making this thing this time? That's what I want to know. It's not exactly a secret that Final Fantasy XIV's...

One Shots: An oldie but a goodie

Last week's screenshot challenge to share pictures of older MMOs that still check out (visually, I mean) resulted in a small avalanche of