Second Life celebrates 21 years of operation with town halls, music events, and exhibitor showcase

While techbros on some serious stuff dream about a metaverse (or more specifically how to turn it into a monetizable hellscape), Second Life has...

The Daily Grind: What should MMO subscriptions actually pay for?

When I first started playing MMORPGs, I didn't know what an expansion was because no MMORPG had ever had one. I paid my subscription...

One Shots: Did someone call for a bird delivery?

Face it: There are a lot of bird delivery services in the world today. Not an hour goes by that your doorbell isn't ringing...

Trove warns players to ditch exploited items before they ‘lead to irreversible damage’

While PC players are surfing the waves of Trove's new Rising Tide update and its underwater biome, there's something disturbing happening just below the...

LOTRO Legendarium: LOTRO announces its next legendary servers, Angmar and Mordor

Believe it or not, the last time that Lord of the Rings Online brought out fresh legendary servers, it was the pair of Treebeard...
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WRUP: Things I do and do not remember without the internet edition

Join us for our weekly open thread! We're discussing what MMOs we're playing this weekend and answering a bonus question about our latest in-game MMO projects.

The Daily Grind: How do you stack the odds for a successful return to an MMO?

I've left and come back to particular MMORPGs over the past two decades more times than I can count. And if there's anything that...
That's silly. You're silly.

Overwatch 2 welcomes Season 11 Super Mega Ultrawatch and its community crafted mode

Yesterday started Season 11 in Overwatch 2, but if you're the sort of person who prefers hard facts over a fluffy overview dev blog,...

The Daily Grind: What are the MMO hills you’re willing to die on, metaphorically?

MOP reader IronSalamander inspired today's Daily Grind with his comment on game preservation, which he declared a hill he'd be willing to die on. "All...

MMO sandbox Fractured bumps launch to later in the summer than anticipated

Last night on Discord, Dynamight Studios' Jacopo Gallelli apologized to Fractured fans, telling them that among the eight-person staff, he was the person who...

SGF 2024: Previewing Funcom’s Dune Awakening, from PvP philosophy to the survival MMO label

I must admit I went into Summer Game Fest with pretty low expectations. I was MOP's "E3 guy" back when E3 was a concern,...

Here’s how to watch the keynote for Black Desert’s Heidel Ball in a French castle this weekend

In case you have somehow missed in over the last few weeks of mentioning it, Black Desert is holding its summer community spectacle this...

Blizzard promises a ‘robust footprint’ at Gamescom for WoW, Diablo, and Overwatch 2 celebrations

During not-E3's Xbox showcase, Blizzard hinted very strongly that it would have more reveals and festivities coming later in the summer, which made sense...

Wayfinder’s new AMA covers monetization, 1.0 content, and reception to Echoes

Now that Wayfinder's Echoes update is live with its new optional offline mode, the folks at Airship Syndicate have sat themselves down to talk...

The Classic Secret World community is hosting a 12th anniversary event for the game – not Funcom

Let's get this out of the way: No, Funcom has not had a massive change of heart and decided to start developing for either...

ARK Survival Ascended releases an official mod that injects the Power Rangers into the survivalbox

One of my favorite kinds of mods is the one that slaps in some off-the-wall character or feature that's less about maintaining worldbuilding and...

LOTRO Legendarium: Am I excited at all for Amazon’s Lord of the Rings MMO?

With all of the recent hullabaloo around New World, I've noticed several mentions of what this may portend for Amazon's Lord of the Rings...

The Daily Grind: What are your plans for this week’s Tarisland launch?

In a way, I feel sorry for Tarisland trying to muscle its way into an already overcrowded summer gaming season. But you know what?...

Mortal Online 2’s next patch will add its Mastery system, a Wilderness dungeon, and new craftable armor

Originally, Mortal Online 2 had planned to include a system called the Veteran system, a mechanic designed to help improve build diversity and offer...

SGF 2024: Hands-on with NCsoft’s long-awaited Throne and Liberty, launching September 17

Most of the games I played at Summer Game Fest were more enjoyable than I expected - including Throne and Liberty, which was probably...