The Stream Team: Can’t miss AQ3D’s free pet!

It has been a long, long time since Massively OP's MJ missed streaming a week of AQ3D, and miss stuff she did! Not only...

Sandbox space sim Starbase’s development has been almost non-existent for a year now

Why go to (virtual) outer space when you can send robots to handle all of the peril for you? That's the thinking behind the...

The Daily Grind: What do you hope Amazon’s LOTR MMO does differently from LOTRO?

In the comments of our pieces on Amazon's second go-round with the Lord of the Rings IP in the MMO space, multiple MMO gamers...

Lord of the Rings Online raises legendary item level cap, says three more updates are on the way for 2023

That shiny, glowy super-weapon that you've been lugging all over Middle-earth is about to get even more powerful than before. Lord of the Rings...
I vant you to keel tunnel moose.

Vague Patch Notes: Why do people remember an MMO past that didn’t exist?

Let's just start with the premise out of the gate. World of Warcraft launched to sales of 240,000 units on its first day. The...

Blizzard suggests WoW Token RMT in WoW Classic is ‘for the good of the community’ because of RMT bots

World of Warcraft's WoW Classic community has been on fire for the last few days following Blizzard's announcement that it will port the WoW...

The Daily Grind: How many online ARPGs have you played?

I can't imagine why I have ARPGs on the brain right now, but I do. And in fact, I've been enjoying a fair bit...

RuneScape talks max cash, doubled experience, and the upcoming Necromancy skill

RuneScape is about to release Necromancy to the community. If you've long struggled with the idea that death might be the end, you have...

Choose My Adventure: DDO’s Catacombs offer a classic taste of the MMOs storytelling

Let me start this week's Choose My Adventure on something of a tangent - a parallel one, but a tangent nonetheless. If it wasn't...

Embers Adrift discusses player feedback and moderation while preparing events for its free weekend

The weekly community show from Embers Adrift is now online, and once again it has some useful information for players of the MMORPG, as...
Turns out esports are terrible.

The Daily Grind: Would you have played the Overwatch 2 MMO Blizzard envisioned?

One of the overlooked bits from the mea culpa blog from the Overwatch 2 PvE cancelation fiasco last week is the unprompted reveal that...

Seafaring MMO Rulers of the Sea and its development studio announce their closure

Back in 2019 we highlighted Rulers of the Sea, an MMO in development by Dutch studio Deadeye Games set in the seafaring real world,...

The Daily Grind: Why did you delete the last MMO character you deleted?

Every deleted MMO character has a story. Sometimes the concept or name sucked. Sometimes you decided on a different race or faction. Sometimes you...

One Shots: Day one of the conquest

There's nothing like that heady feel of stepping out into the game world for the first time, taking in the sights of the newbie...

LOTRO Legendarium: Amazon plays at making a Lord of the Rings MMO… again

Weren't we just here? I mean, that's what everyone's thinking, am I right? It was just three years ago that I penned a column about...

Last Epoch slashes prices in its new cash shop after community pushback

Last Epoch developer Eleventh Hour Games recently instituted a cash shop to supplement the $35 buy-to-play price tag, and while the community didn't rail...

WRUP: I’m fine edition

I'm fine. It's fine. Doing great. Fine. Fine. Fine. Super fine. Everything is fine and nothing is ruined, I feel okay. We're fine. I'm fine. This is fine. Everything happening...

The Daily Grind: Which MMOs offer the best and worst picture taking experience?

If you're the type of player who likes to chronicle their MMO experience by taking screenshots, then you'll be well aware that not every...

The Stream Team: Delving into the Catacombs of Dungeons and Dragons Online

MOP's Chris is hosting another CMA Live stream today, and since his selected game is Dungeons and Dragons Online, that means it's time for...

Bossa Games is back in the MMO space with Lost Skies, an obviously Worlds Adrift-inspired co-op title

Stop me if you've heard this one: Bossa Games is working on a new multiplayer game with skyships and islands and gliding and rappelling!...