RuneScape cleans up quest requirements while adding Necromancy dyes

We hope that none of you are reading the latest news about the RuneScape update for this week via dictation. Otherwise you will be...

Massively on the Go: Guide to preparing for Pokemon Go’s Global Sinnoh Tour

Pokemon GO's Sinnoh Tour is going global February 24th-25th. We've been heavily updating our Los Angeles guide as, Niantic's poor communication and history of...

Choose My Adventure: The Wagadu Chronicles is off to an extremely rough start

Early access games are one of those things where you pretty much are buying something broken. It's like antique shopping for video games except...

Tencent’s Victorian gaslamp survivalbox Nightingale finally hits early access today

Noon-o-clock Eastern time today: That's when survivalbox Nightingale finally arrives to early access, and $29.99 will get you a copy and the download rush...

Stormgate studio plans to sell company stock to its players in order to raise marketing funds

Normally when a company "goes public," it generally means that its executives are beholden to the whims of an investor board that almost exclusively...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG’s graphics hold up long past their due?

When Dark Age of Camelot first hit beta a million years ago, I remember being super impressed with its graphics. Up until that point,...

Lost Ark warns cheaters following ‘major ban wave’ of bots and RMT accounts

Last week was apparently a bad time to be a botting or RMT account in Lost Ark, as Amazon Games whipped out its banhammer...

Nightingale runs down some last-minute changes before tomorrow’s early access launch

Who's ready to plunge into the Victorian sci-fi realms of Nightingale this week? Early access for the multiplayer survival sandbox begins tomorrow, and developer...

Activision faces $680M lawsuit from Call of Duty esports pros over allegedly monopolist tourney terms

The way in which Activision has been managing its esports tournaments for Call of Duty is now undergoing legal scrutiny, as last week saw...

The Wagadu Chronicles plans quality-of-life, sailing, pets, and a new partnership in 2024 roadmap

Early access for sandbox MMORPG The Wagadu Chronicles has not exactly had one of the most auspicious starts, with "Mixed" user reviews and absolutely...
No, saying that you don't care is not actually an answer.

The Daily Grind: Which MMO provides the most opportunity for ‘worthy deaths’?

MMO designer Damion Schubert recently penned a lengthy thread on Bluesky all about death - death in MMOs, that is. He opined that game...
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The MOP Up: Undecember creates one-player raids

Just because you're a social pariah doesn't mean that you can't raid in Undecember! The hack-and-slash multiplayer RPG pumped out a new patch that...

Global Chat: What are the top dragons in EverQuest?

If you were pressed to put together a top 10 list of the most famous and infamous dragons in EverQuest, which beasties would you...

One Shots: The mosh pit of friendship

I don't know about you, but when I get together with 75 of my closest friends, I like to crowd right up on them...

WRUP: How to properly cook a cheeseburger but you stop in the middle to microwave a soda can for some reason edition

Editor's note: Please do not do this, or any other thing recommended by WRUP. Just tell us what MMOs you're playing this weekend, and maybe answer the bonus question - this week's is about quotable movies.

The Daily Grind: Do you participate in MMO lotteries or gambling?

Ever since I got back into Final Fantasy XIV, I've had to remember to take a daily trip up to the gold saucer to...

The Stream Team: Stepping into the world of The Wagadu Chronicles

MOP's MJ may have streamed The Wagadu Chronicles before, but now it's Chris' turn! In today's CMA Live, he'll be making another few first...

Palworld’s community manager suggests you just… play other games if you’re bored

It probably does not need to be restated that Palworld is an odd game. A very odd game, as it happens. But you don't...

The Daily Grind: Are there any quadruple-A MMOs?

Ubisoft made headlines earlier this week for claiming to investors that the high pricetag for Skull & Bones was justified because it's a vast,...

Helldivers 2 will ‘never’ add a PvP mode in an effort to ‘reduce toxic elements from the community’

Arrowhead Studios CEO and Helldivers 2 creative director Johan Pilestedt is once again making headlines for his bold statements about the popular third-person multiplayer...