Sandbox MMORPG Trove begins Sunfest celebrations for its ninth birthday


It’s official: Trion/Gamigo’s voxel sandbox MMORPG Trove is turning nine years old today and is celebrating with its annual Sunfest events.

“It’s time to have your cake and eat it too!” Gamigo says. “Launching via PC on July 9, Sunfest celebrates summer fun and Trove’s birthday month, with a veritable feast of sweet treats, including a new 10-step questline, returning cake-themed dungeons, a new leaderboard, and more!”

“Sunfest brings the sugary goodness of cake-themed dungeons with designs baked fresh by both the Trove developers and the community! Defeating Cake Dungeons rewards Cake Coins that can be used to gain rewards from the event, and clearing the dungeons gives the chance to drop a new boat in addition to the preexisting ally and two mounts. Cake Dungeons are also filled with new cake enemies, and many of these enemies drop tradable versions of the collections crafted at the Sunfest Oven. The event also includes the return of the previous year’s Delves but with adjustments. Generic bosses will no longer appear in them, and the Chuck Pinzo boss will be featured in every third tier of the Delve. In any other tier, either the Triceratops bosses or a new foe will appear instead.”

MOP’s MJ will be streaming Trove today at 3 p.m. EDT on OPTV, so if you’re curious about the current state of the game, there’s your inside look!

Source: Press release, official site
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