A German company that publishes several dozen smaller MMOs across the world.

Gamigo launches a revitalized Bunfest event for Trove today

We may be past Easter, but Trove's Bunfest isn't beholden to your real-world calendar! Yep, Gamigo announced this morning that Bunfest is back for...

RIFT hosts a server load test party this evening with free level-ups

Have we said how utterly bizarre it is to see RIFT pop up in our feeds this much recently? Not that we're complaining, mind...

Trove’s spring update adds a gearcrafting skill and overhauls endgame drops

Gamigo's Trove is continuing to get love regardless of what's going on with the rest of the company's MMORPG catalogue, and for the blocky...
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RIFT extends its server transfer period before next month’s merges

The countdown clock is ticking toward next month's RIFT server merges in which a trio of worlds will be folded into other realms. While...

RIFT holds a server load test as part of new data center migration, manually reruns the Mech Parade event

This week marks another bit of odd activity in RIFT, which appears to be associated with earlier server merging and server transfers: Gamigo is...

Perfect Ten: MMOs with live-action media tie-ins

Every so often I think to myself that a video game should get some kind of media adaptation before I come to my senses....

RIFT expedites server transfers while extending the rift hunter event

The great RIFT server merge of 2024 looms on the imminent horizon as Gamigo continues to shepherd players off of the soon-to-be-closed realms. To...

Trove brings back its lucky St Qubeslick event for St Patrick’s Day shenanigans

St Patrick's day this year happens to fall on a joykill Sunday, but if you were planning to celebrate in video games rather than...

The Daily Grind: What’s the most unlucky MMO?

A few weeks back when Fractured Online was contending with yet another round of exploits, rollbacks, and downtime, MOP reader Gidja remarked that perhaps...

RIFT plans server merges and hunt event while Trove readies its Gear Up! Date

So here's something to add to your "I never thought I'd see this in 2024" list, and it comes with both good and bad...
Why Is Trion Like This, Just Kidding, We Actually Know

RIFT celebrates its 13th anniversary with a free week of patron status

Whether its continued existence constitutes a blessing or its continued neglect a curse, RIFT has made it to its 13th birthday as of March...

The Stream Team: Cat chairs and Guild Wars 2’s Realm of Dreams

There's brand-new content in Guild Wars 2's Secrets of the Obscure today! What is it about? You'll have to read Flameseeker Chronicles if you...

Flameseeker Chronicles: First impressions of Guild Wars 2’s The Realm of Dreams, launching today

Can you believe it has been more than half a year since we took our first steps into the mysterious, long-teased Wizard's Tower in...
Oddly beautiful.

The MOP Up: Aion, Lineage 2, and Blade and Soul get ready for a new launcher

Blade and Soul, Lineage II, and Aion are all preparing to migrate everyone from the old launcher to the new PLAYNC platform. NCsoft posted...

Black Desert makes class adjustments on PC, changes accessory upgrades on console, revamps mobile instances

Black Desert doesn't appear to be resting on its laurels despite the game celebrating 3,333 days of life, as every version of the MMORPG...

RIFT celebrates its 13th anniversary with a splash of Carnival of the Ascended

Who's still holding a torch for RIFT? I know I am, which is why the realization that this fantasy MMO is now 13 years...

SWTOR teases GU 7.4.1 Building a Foundation’s Copero Stronghold and Date Night romance content

The BioWare-turned-Broadsword team behind Star Wars The Old Republic is once again heading to Twitch to outline the game's immediate future, which includes GU...

Working As Intended: A guide to City of Heroes Homecoming’s best player-crafted portal bases

A few years ago, I was wandering around in City of Heroes when someone advertised a cool base in chat. All I had to...

Dungeons & Dragons Online is giving away archetypes, mounts, and more for the Year of the Dragon

Dungeons & Dragons Online teased its Year of the Dragon promotion last weekend, but now it's here: The D&D MMORPG will be following along...

Heckbugs in Love return to voxelbox Trove for Valentine’s Day starting next week

It warms my heart to think that a lil tiny piece of Defiance lives on in Trove thanks to the game's bizarre Valentine's Day...