Trove warns players to ditch exploited items before they ‘lead to irreversible damage’


While PC players are surfing the waves of Trove’s new Rising Tide update and its underwater biome, there’s something disturbing happening just below the surface. Gamigo noted that some players were exploiting the game not just to profit themselves but to actually crash Trove for others.

“During the past weeks, we received several mentions from players about unexpected game crashes when opening chests or while trying to log into Trove. We have been investigating the reason for these reports and found that nearly each of these accounts was showing signs of owning or using items that are related to exploitative activities,” the studio said on Discord.

Gamigo warned players to, y’know, cut it out and stop using “irregularly created items” as those might “lead to irreversible damage” to their accounts.

The studio also acknowledged that its console community was feeling left out of the new patch excitement, promising that it was “actively working” to bring Rising Tide to all players.

Source: Discord
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