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Sandbox MMORPG Trove begins Sunfest celebrations for its ninth birthday

It's official: Trion/Gamigo's voxel sandbox MMORPG Trove is turning nine years old today and is celebrating with its annual Sunfest events. "It's time to have...

Trove celebrates ninth birthday, plans Sunfest, and offers console roadmap

Next week, Trion's original voxelbox Trove turns nine years old, and though Trion is long gone, current handler Gamigo and its severely underpaid community...

Gamigo offloads Desert Operations and Wargame 1942 publishing to Fawkes with only two weeks’ notice on migrations

Remember back at the end of 2020, when Gamigo began rather obviously to divest itself of most of its publishing agreements and video games,...

Kickstarted MMO Fractured Online to fully launch on July 24th

While an official launch date is cause for celebration under normal circumstances, it seems doubly so for the rough road that MMO sandbox Fractured...
And now we're good,yes?

XLGAMES’ messy masterpiece ArcheAge has officially sunsetted

Back in April, we got the sad but not entirely unexpected news that XLGAMES had decided to sunset the remains of ArcheAge, including the...

Trove warns players to ditch exploited items before they ‘lead to irreversible damage’

While PC players are surfing the waves of Trove's new Rising Tide update and its underwater biome, there's something disturbing happening just below the...

Trove adds a new underwater biome in today’s Rising Tides PC update

Does a rising tide lift all boats? You'll have to log into voxelbox MMO Trove today to find out, as Gamigo has launched its...

Gamigo reopens transfer window for RIFT players on closed servers

Remember back in spring when Gamigo announced it would be merging down the RIFT servers into four remaining shards? There followed a period in...

Trove begins summer festival, Pride event, and Rising Tides update testing

Gamigo's Trove might be the company's crown jewel MMO, even if it does still fly under the radar of more hardcore MMORPG players. It...

Gamigo/KingsIsle parent company MGI is rebranding as AI ad platform Verve

Gamigo and KingsIsle's parent company, the Swedish-based Media Games Invest aka MGI, has been pushing hard into its advertising and marketing segment over the...

Not the bees! MMO sandbox Trove launches its Spring Fling event

Gamigo is following up Bunfest in Trove with yet another spring event: Spring Fling, headlined by no less than Sir Dapper Duckington, Esquire. "The...

RIFT is off to the budgie races with its latest adorable event

Here is your periodic reminder that RIFT was packed full of some of the most adorable creatures in the MMO space, from corgis to...

Massively Overthinking: The loss of ArcheAge

Last week's admission from Kakao that XLGAMES is pulling the plug on ArcheAge really hit me, and I'm still trying to process why because...

Kakao’s western version of ArcheAge is sunsetting in June

I'm sorry to report this morning that the western version of ArcheAge is apparently shutting down: While we were sleeping, Kakao announced that it...

Gamigo launches a revitalized Bunfest event for Trove today

We may be past Easter, but Trove's Bunfest isn't beholden to your real-world calendar! Yep, Gamigo announced this morning that Bunfest is back for...

RIFT hosts a server load test party this evening with free level-ups

Have we said how utterly bizarre it is to see RIFT pop up in our feeds this much recently? Not that we're complaining, mind...

Trove’s spring update adds a gearcrafting skill and overhauls endgame drops

Gamigo's Trove is continuing to get love regardless of what's going on with the rest of the company's MMORPG catalogue, and for the blocky...
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RIFT extends its server transfer period before next month’s merges

The countdown clock is ticking toward next month's RIFT server merges in which a trio of worlds will be folded into other realms. While...

RIFT holds a server load test as part of new data center migration, manually reruns the Mech Parade event

This week marks another bit of odd activity in RIFT, which appears to be associated with earlier server merging and server transfers: Gamigo is...

RIFT expedites server transfers while extending the rift hunter event

The great RIFT server merge of 2024 looms on the imminent horizon as Gamigo continues to shepherd players off of the soon-to-be-closed realms. To...