Elder Scrolls Online wraps up its Oblivion adventures with today’s Deadlands DLC


Elder Scrolls Online’s final content update of the year — and the end of the Oblivion-themed Blackwood expansion cycle — is finally here for computer players. Deadlands is, ironically, now live, and it is free for all players who own the most recent expansion.

“In this story DLC, you can explore Dagon’s plane of Oblivion and the mysterious city of Fargrave while unraveling the Daedric Prince’s ultimate plans for Nirn and the people of Tamriel,” ZeniMax said. “In your adventures, you’ll experience tales and locations that showcase the life and society of those who call Oblivion home and be challenged by all-new encounters and threats.”

The update adds the realms of Burn and Sever, the mysterious city of Fargrave, roaming giants, and plenty of new quests, item sets, and achievements. The DLC arrives alongside of the Update 32 base game patch, which adds the build-swapping armory system and curated item set drops.

Deadlands is expected to land on Xbox and PlayStation this November 16th.

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