Rumor: Xbox Store listing suggests Skull and Bones is releasing November 2022

The rumors around the impending release for multiplayer pirating title Skull and Bones continue to mount. A supposed new leak found by dataminer Aggiornamenti...

The Elder Scrolls Online’s High Isle chapter and Update 34 officially arrives to console players

At last, it's time for console fans of The Elder Scrolls Online to see what PC players have been experiencing themselves. The High Isle...

Conan Exiles announces Age of Sorcery, replacing DLC with battle passes

Thanks to teases and leaks, we already had a pretty clear idea what was coming to Conan Exiles later this year, but as of...

Conan Exiles accidentally leaks a video announcement of its large-scale Age of Sorcery update

The general purpose of having a countdown to a major reveal is that you follow the clock's timer. Conan Exiles was doing just that,...

Aliens: Fireteam reveals its upcoming Pathogen paid DLC

So, you're a fan of Aliens: Fireteam? You like shooting xenomorphs with other people for loot and glory? How would you feel about shooting...

Ark Survival Evolved rolls out Fjordur map and new conquest season servers this weekend

Seven-year-old survival sandbox ARK: Survival Evolved is gearing up for a busy weekend. A busy Sunday, at least, which is perhaps not the most...

The Cycle Frontier kicks off its free-to-play ‘pre-season’ launch as players decry a pay-to-win DLC pack

Near the end of May, developer Yager noted that its PvPvE survival shooter The Cycle: Frontier was "very close" to release. Apparently that means...

Temtem adds dojo wars, an auction house, mounts, and a Temtem Plus console DLC in newest update

The Kickstarted early access critter collecting MMORPG Temtem has released a pretty hefty update that adds, among other things, dojo wars and other dojo-related...

The MOP Up: Star Citizen tests in-flight refueling

Star Citizen's nigh-endless list of things to accomplish before launch may be crossing off one of these with this month's alpha build. The "Fueling...

Massively Overthinking: The ideal MMO server setup

Over the last year, we've seen multiple major MMO and expansion launches, and most of them went awry in some way or another. Final...

Elder Scrolls Online lays out summer roadmap to High Isle, begins free-play event with prologue quest

Tomorrow, ZeniMax Online Studios is going to open the information floodgates for Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle during its preview stream. But hey, you...

The Elder Scrolls Online will make the Morrowind DLC free for every owner of the game

Do you own some form of The Elder Scrolls Online and somehow didn't pick up the Morrowind DLC (aka one of the superior ways...

The Elder Scrolls Online’s April Fools’ Day celebration has officially gone live

Sure, maybe players are more interested in the new DLC and related game update of Elder Scrolls Online, but perhaps it's time for players...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 33 and Ascending Tide launch for console today

Console players are girding themselves for battle with the release of Elder Scrolls Online Update 33 and Ascending Tide DLC today, though we're not...

Elder Scrolls Online’s stability mess was caused not by account-wide achieves but by a hardware failure

The Elder Scrolls Online has been struggling with console and PC stability ever since The Ascending Tide DLC and its associated patch rolled out...

Massively Overthinking: How long should MMO expansions be?

Star Wars The Old Republic's Legacy of the Sith struggled for many reasons, but the one I've seen echoed over and over is that...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 365: Free Middle-earth

Justin and Bree discuss LOTRO's monetization shift, NCsoft's Throne and Liberty, Albion Online, New World, Elder Scrolls Online, Elyon, and ArcheAge, with adventures in LOTRO, DDO, WoW Classic, Guild Wars 2, and SWG Legends, plus mailbag topics on SSG support and our favorite MMO zones.

Massively Overthinking: Does wallet-voting work in modern MMOs?

MOP reader The Grand Nagus recently pointed us to his thread on the Star Trek Online reddit where players were trying to sort out...

Elite Dangerous puts console to PC wealth transfers on hold to assess possible changes

Before Elite: Dangerous studio Frontier Developments elected to put the kibosh on content development for consoles, it allowed players a one-time transfer of wealth...

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak brings western movie monsters soon and power leveling now

Capcom's finally given us a meaty update for  Monster Hunter Rise's June 30th paid DLC, Sunbreak, and it seems to confirm some of the...