SGF 2024: Elder Scrolls Online opens free play promo, Fallout 76 prepares for this week’s Skyline Valley


At last night’s Summer Game Fest’s Xbox showcase, Blizzard may have stolen the show with its launch date for World of Warcraft The War Within expansion, but there were other MMOs on hand, including (of course) the Bethsoft MMOs. ZeniMax Online Studios dropped a new anniversary trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online, which just launched Gold Road last week.

“To celebrate The Elder Scrolls Online’s 10 Year Anniversary, Zenimax Online Studios premiered a new gameplay trailer highlighting the many ways new and old players can enjoy The Elder Scrolls Online and the incredible community that comes with it,” the company says, further announcing the dawn of a new promo:

“The Elder Scrolls Online’s subscription, ESO Plus, is free for anyone from now through June 19. This trial of ESO Plus includes all past Chapters, aside from Gold Road for all platforms and Necrom on consoles, as well as access to all previous DLC content that has been added to The Elder Scrolls Online since launch in 2014.”

Meanwhile, Fallout 76 is continuing to tease Skyline Valley, which is sadly not a place where you get really really chili and coney dogs but instead the game’s next big thing – and in fact, it’s launching Wednesday. Naturally, another trailer ensued.

“Bethesda Game Studios is excited to announce Fallout 76’s next major expansion, Skyline Valley, is launching on June 12 across all platforms for free for all Fallout 76 players. For the first time, Skyline Valley expands the map of Fallout 76 southward to the brand-new Shenandoah region where players investigate the cause of an electrical storm circling overhead and unveil the mystery around Vault 63 where they will meet its dwellers and discover a shocking new Ghoul type – The Lost.”

Source: Press release
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