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WoW Factor: The strange excitement split for World of Warcraft’s The War Within

There's an interesting aspect I've observed about World of Warcraft as we slowly creep toward the release of The War Within. No one who...

World of Warcraft shares the patch notes for its first phase of The War Within alpha testing

The time has come for those who signed up or bought in to test the next expansion of World of Warcraft: The self-described "public...

World of Warcraft adds videos and Q&A on the War Within, dynamic flight, and more

We hope you World of Warcraft fans brought a big appetite for The War Within this week because Blizzard doesn't seem in the mood...
In summary, all of you kind of suck.

World of Warcraft shows off the ways that Warbands will share currency, items, and reputations

Your Warband is going to share everything. Clothes, money, social standing, even boyfriends. That's the big takeaway from the new entry on Warbands from...
Take me to wherever this is.

World of Warcraft opens beta signups for The War Within

The hour of testing has arrived for World of Warcraft's next expansion... well, sort of. The hour of signing up for the hour of...

World of Warcraft previews the upcoming Mists of Pandaria Remix in patch 10.2.7

Apparently, the plan for World of Warcraft's content leading up to The War Within is to just make you play classic flashbacks whether you...

The Daily Grind: Are you waiting on WoW The War Within at this point?

Unless you've been playing World of Warcraft fairly faithfully during the Dragonflight expansion, you're probably buried in content and objectives if you've tried to...

World of Warcraft’s Holly Longdale reassures players that further PvE-based experiments are coming

If you're a World of Warcraft player looking at Plunderstorm with some combination of bafflement and trepidation about the possibility that every further "experimental"...

WoW Factor: Blizzard didn’t reveal World of Warcraft sub numbers – it drew a Mystery Line

It will not surprise anyone reading this to learn that there are things which upset me. This is just part of being a human...
Thank you. Very impressive.

WoW Factor: World of Warcraft’s Plunderstorm is neither greedy nor good

It would be an exaggeration of the highest order to say that no one was even a little interested when World of Warcraft unveiled...

Global Chat: EverQuest hits the quarter-century mark

There's no way that The Ancient Gaming Noob would miss out on EverQuest's 25th anniversary: "So there is a lot going on if you...

World of Warcraft previews a dozen new War Within ‘evergreen’ hero talent trees

Even though World of Warcraft's next expansion is still many months away, the theorycrafting is already underway thanks to the ongoing reveals of The...
It just keeps happening.

WoW Factor: Steve Danuser was not really the problem with World of Warcraft

So I don't want to sit here and say "oh, things were going so great" before the news that Steve Danuser had actually left...

World of Warcraft elaborates on The War Within’s hero talents system

The War Within expansion for World of Warcraft is bringing, among other things, the hero talents system, an "evergreen form of character progression for...

Casually Classic: Analyzing WoW Classic’s 2024 roadmap

With another year debuting this week, Blizzard was more on the ball than some MMO studios by already publishing its roadmap for 2024. Two...

The MOP Up: World of Warcraft wraps up Dragonflight’s esports tournaments

The final esports tournaments for World of Warcraft's Dragonflight era are coming in the first part of 2024, with the Arena World Championship taking...

WoW Factor: What World of Warcraft needs to accomplish in 2024

On October 12th, 2023, the YouTuber SuperEyepatchWolf put out a video running just over one hour nine minutes titled "The Simpsons Is Good Again."...
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World of Warcraft 2024 roadmaps herald summer War Within beta and Cataclysm Classic

We're just about at the end of 2023, and that means World of Warcraft's various server sets are looking forward to what will be...

World of Warcraft starts internal dev testing of The War Within

While 2024 looks to be a fashionable year to end your expansion titles on a preposition, World of Warcraft: The War Within already kicked...

WoW Factor: The content issues World of Warcraft must address in The War Within

Last week, I talked about the story issues that World of Warcraft really needs to address in some form as we move forward into...