EverQuest II’s first annual Summer Jubilee merges three summertime events into one seasonal soiree

If you enjoy EverQuest II's summer events, then you'll probably be a fan of the game's new annual Summer Jubilee, which will combine Tinkerfest,...

Neverwinter’s Dragonslayer module launches June 14 on all platforms

Neverwinter fans, Gearbox and Cryptic have some happy news for you this fine Monday morning: Dragonslayer is launching on June 14th, just a month...
Almost tangible. Again.

Massively Overthinking: If you could change one thing about an MMO…

Back in April, MOP's Colin posed us an interesting challenge on the MOP Podcast: change one thing about an MMO you don't like that...

The Daily Grind: How long do you trial a new MMO class before deciding whether it’s for you?

I've been playing City of Alts... er, City of Heroes lately, and it's inspired today's Daily Grind. See, I like to maintain a list...

Overwatch 2’s first beta officially begins this afternoon – are you playing?

We're just an hour away from the beta launch of Overwatch 2, which ought to please everyone but folks who simply liked Overwatch's meta...

Final Fantasy XIV adds in the newest Ultimate fight and adjusts PvP balance with patch 6.11

The bad news of today's Final Fantasy XIV patch is that you will still have to wait a bit longer for new Hildibrand quests or...

Hands-on with the promising multiplayer Nintendo Switch Sports, launching this week

April 29th will mark the release of Nintendo Switch Sports, a spiritual sequel to the popular Wii Sports series. The big kicker here is that it's...

Neverwinter’s ‘Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons’-inspired Dragonslayer module launches this June

At this afternoon's D&D Direct, Cryptic and Gearbox have revealed that Neverwinter's Dragonslayer is launching in June. Dragonslayer will mark the game's 23rd module...

LOTRO Legendarium: Six reasons why LOTRO’s Beorning is amazing

When Update 33 arrives later this month, Lord of the Rings Online players will have access to a slew of classes and races that...

The Elder Scrolls Online will make the Morrowind DLC free for every owner of the game

Do you own some form of The Elder Scrolls Online and somehow didn't pick up the Morrowind DLC (aka one of the superior ways...

Lost Ark teases the Glaivier and Destroyer advanced classes, might hold back some spring raid content

Amazon and Smilegate dished out more details for its roadmap entry for Lost Ark last night, telling players the studios want to "keep the...

The MOP Up: Space Punks’ F2P open beta is coming

Looking to blow off some steam with oversized futuristic weapons and no qualms? Get thee to Space Punks as the looter shooter moves into...

Perfect Ten: Obnoxious MMO buzzwords found in press releases

So say that you write for MassivelyOP. Or say that you work for another news site while wistfully refreshing MassivelyOP's front page hoping to...

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak brings western movie monsters soon and power leveling now

Capcom's finally given us a meaty update for  Monster Hunter Rise's June 30th paid DLC, Sunbreak, and it seems to confirm some of the...
Almost tangible. Again.

Final Fantasy XIV offers players its Immerse Audio Pack add-on

How important is your in-game audio experience to you? Final Fantasy XIV is hoping it's pretty important, as one of its selling points for...
Try again.

Final Fantasy XIV once again has a free trial open for non-players

So for a little while there Final Fantasy XIV was so popular that it needed to kind of scale back on how many people...

Wisdom of Nym: Everything we learned from the February Final Fantasy XIV live letter

So what did we learn from the latest Final Fantasy XIV live letter? A lot, and most of it good, although some of it...

February’s Nintendo Direct shows Nintendo further embracing multiplayer online play

No Man's Sky coming to the Switch wasn't the only big announcement at February 9th's Nintendo Direct. Nintendo will be further beefing up Mario Kart 8 with...
It burns, burns, burns.

Wisdom of Nym: Speculating on the next few bits of Final Fantasy XIV content

Let's start with something that's important: At this point, and for most of my future speculation, I'm going to make an assumption that may...

Neverwinter pushes Dragonbone Vale to consoles, overhauls its refinement system

Big things are afoot in Cryptic's Neverwinter this week. The action MMO rolled out its Dragonbone Vale module to Xbox and PlayStation editions, a...