EVE Online shares Equinox patch notes, talks quality-of-life, confirms phased rollout of sovereignty features


The Equinox content update is just around the corner for EVE Online players, which means that CCP Games is kicking out a couple of final previews before it goes live tomorrow on Tuesday, June 11th, that capsuleers of New Eden will likely want to pay attention to.

As is customary, it begins with the full patch notes for Equinox, which provide all of the granular detail players could ask for in terms of the update’s new Upwell structures, corp features, and perhaps most important of all for pilots, ship balancing adjustments; highlights here include new light and support freighters, doomsday weapons now cranking out 2 million damage instead of 1 million, and some updated build costs, among many other changes.

For those who care about quality-of-life features in Equinox, CCP isolated those in a separate post, throwing spotlights over carrier ship changes, manufacturing improvements, changes to class 5 and class 6 cosmic anomalies and signatures in wormhole space, and tastier visuals.

Finally, those who manage interstellar holdings will want to note the end of this dev post, which confirms that there will be a phased rollout of the sovereignty system once Equinox goes live. In short, all existing infrastructure hubs will convert to sovereignty hubs in legacy “IHub mode,” then irrevocably move over to the new Sov Hub mode on June 20th. June 11th will also grant corp heads access to Skyhook and new infrastructure BPOs, while existing IHub BPOs will convert to sovereignty hub BPOs.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)
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