eve online

Official Site: EVE Online
Studio: CCP Games
Launch Date: May 6, 2003
Genre: Sci-Fi Sandbox
Business Model: Hybrid Free-to-Play (Optional Subscription, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Plan trade routes and share ship fittings with the EVE Online Workbench

Whether you're a space truckin' sort, a player that likes to hop in to Abyssal Deadspace, or one of those Capsuleers looking to start...
EVE Online

EVE Online’s CCP Games suggests the real-life politician it banned for insider trading might not be guilty after all

Earlier this month, we covered an emerging scandal in EVE Online: CCP Games had announced that it had removed a member of the...

CCP Games thinks EVE Online is about to make it big in China and Korea

We've previously covered CCP Games' Hilmar Petersson's comments on not giving up after all EVE Online's unsuccessful spinoffs, including most recently
The problem might not be the trying itself, guy.

CCP discusses trying, failing, and trying again in the wake of Project Nova’s demise

The history of CCP Games is one of EVE Online continuing on even while the developer watches every other project stutter and collapse. 

The MOP Up: Grab your Harry Potter nickname now!

When Harry Potter: Wizards Unite arrives later this year, by which name will you be known and feared? Lord Scooby? Mr. Cheddar? Fluffybutticus?...
Open the thing, I guess?

EVE Online dials back repairs and rebalances capital and subcapital ships with its newest patch

The most recent patch to EVE Online is all about balance, and part of that balance is about reducing the effectiveness of...

Black Desert has 18M registered players as Pearl Abyss counts $1B gross sales

If you're still reeling over the news that Black Desert is unceremoniously deleting its battle royale mode, Shadow Arena, from the game...

EVE Online has banned a CSM member (and real-world politician) over an NDA breach and insider trading

Who wants some EVE Online political drama to cap off the afternoon? CCP Games announced today that it has removed a member...

EVE Evolved: Big things are happening in EVE Online this spring

There's a lot going on in EVE Online right now, from the insane storyline playing out right now in-game and new Triglavian ships...

April Fools’ Day around the MMOverse, 2019 edition

Yes, it's back, the day when you can believe absolutely nothing and MMO studios are cranking out faux patches that you kinda wish were...
Llook out, Llary! It's the llandlllord!

Massively Overpowered feature patch notes for April Oneth

Here at Massively Overpowered, we're always doing our best to make use of our staff's particular talents. We make sure to have Justin saying...

EVE Online is offering up to 250,000 free skillpoints for attendance this weekend

EVE Online players, you're gonna want to log in three times this weekend. Not, like, right in a row. No, you need to...

EVEsterdam 2019: EVE players intercept Triglavian war plans

The EVE Online community was surprised recently when billboards across the game were hacked and displayed a threatening video from the Triglavian...

EVEsterdam 2019: EVE Online explorer visits every star system without being killed

When people say that EVE Online is a game that lets you make your own path, they aren't kidding. While CCP Games builds...

GDC 2019: Here’s how CCP’s 10,000 player battle tech demo went down

Developer CCP Games currently holds the world record for the largest PvP battle in gaming history, which was awarded in recognition of January...

EVE Online’s 10,000 person ‘Aether Wars’ tech demo battle is about to begin

In January of 2018, EVE Online player shenanigans brought to a head the so-called "million-dollar battle." While we joked about it

EVE Evolved: EVE Online’s storyline is about to go off the rails

The most compelling stories that emerge from EVE Online are usually tales of player-based conflict, dastardly deals, and political intrigue, but the game's...

The Daily Grind: Does size really matter in MMOs? PvP battle size, that is

Over the last couple of weeks, we've seen a big push for MMO studios to talk up their numbers - and by that I...

Dual Universe counts 30,000 simulated players on the same planet in its latest alpha

If you're gonna be an MMO, we wanna see massive: lots of people on a server, lots of people in a fight. Dual...

EVE Online gets ready for a galaxy-wide capital ship nerf

Don't let words like "balance" and "improvements" blind you from the real truth here: EVE Online's capital ships are about to be hit...