eve online

Official Site: EVE Online
Studio: CCP Games
Launch Date: May 6, 2003
Genre: Sci-Fi Sandbox
Business Model: Hybrid Free-to-Play (Optional Subscription, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Perfect Ten: MMOs that desperately need proper player housing

Here's something pretty encouraging to me: When I sat down to work on an article listing MMOs that really could use but lacked proper...

Halloween blows through RIFT, Trove, ArcheAge, Atlas Reactor, and Defiance 2050

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EVE Evolved: Wars are literally ruining EVE Online

EVE Online is fundamentally about real conflict between players on massive scales, and yet I would venture to say that wars are literally...

EVE Online’s Crimson Harvest returns for Halloween on October 23

I've always loved the name of EVE Online's Halloween event. Sure, it makes no sense for an internet spaceships MMORPG to have Halloween...

EVE Online rolls out its October balancing update as EVE Vegas buzz grows

EVE Online's October update is officially live, complete with the promised tweaks to target jamming, ECM mechanics, graphics, and UI. "This release brings a...

The MOP Up: Sony’s PlayStation 3 sunset apocalypse

Sony's decision to shut down several online servers for some past PlayStation 3 games on October 25th is shaping up to be a sunset...

EVE Online’s October patch promises balancing, visual fixes, and ECM mechanics overhaul

EVE Online is gearing up for its October patch next week, and unlike most MMO patches this month, it isn't saddled with...

Dataminers dig up EVE Online’s Chinese server elements: RMT interfaces and prison sentences

Ah, datamining, the best way to guess about what's coming to EVE Online in future patches based on incomplete evidence! (And every other...

CCP Games offers DUST 514 veteran reward accounts in upcoming Project Nova

Those of you who have been following the highs and lows of EVE Online developer CCP Games over the years will remember the...
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EVE Online will be using its test server for the Chinese version as well

We're sorry to inform you that EVE Online's Chinese version has gone offline... for the length of time it will take to

EVE Evolved: The rookie’s guide to fitting ships in EVE Online

The ship fitting system is one of EVE Online's most powerful and useful features, but it comes with a pretty steep learning curve...

EVE Online coalition war is brought to an end through a shady backroom treaty

If there's one constant in CCP's free-for-all space sim EVE Online, it's that someone will always be at war with someone else,...
We're not counting your game dying as death here.

Perfect Ten: The big book of MMORPG death mechanics

Video games will kill your characters. It's inevitable. I still faintly remember my younger brother's first video game death, when he ran full-tilt into...
I'm important!

Vague Patch Notes: Trickle-down metagames in MMORPGs

A while back, there was an interesting set of data coming out of a discussion about Overwatch. The discussion was about the concept...

Massively Overthinking: Which MMORPG, living or dead, offers the all-time best crafting experience?

Over the last couple of weeks, when I was putting in sometimes 18-hour days working on the site, I didn't really have much time...
things are going great

WildStar is probably not sunsetting until at least the end of the year

When NCsoft announced it was closing Carbine and sunsetting WildStar, it didn't include one key detail: when that sunset will occur. In fact,...

EVE Online revises its online harassment policy, loses another staffer

CCP Games says it's updated EVE Online's policies governing harassment. The changes came after the player-elected Council of Stellar Management called for a...

Hyperspace Beacon: What will we see on SWTOR’s ‘ancient Jedi world’?

Producer Keith Kanneg wrote, "[T]he next phase of the SWTOR storyline will kick off with a bang on the ancient Jedi world." Let's look at the clues that let us know exactly which Jedi world that is, why I am excited to see that world, and what we will likely see on that planet. I don't think I have to mention it at this point, but I will: Possible spoilers ahead, but only if I am right.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 187: The raid in our stars

Justin and Bree discuss Guild Wars 2's new living world episode, Boundless, EverQuest II, Blizzard, Warframe, EVE Online, SWTOR, the petition to save WildStar, and our big site revamp.

EVE Online dev blog delves into the October balance pass

The latest EVE Online dev blog is all about the upcoming October balance pass, which will focus on reworking the Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)...