EVE Online highlights Equinox’s expansion to custom ship skin tools


Vestis virum facit” might be a useful adage when it comes to normal MMORPGs in terms of customizing an outfit, but what if your character is an internet spaceship? That’s where EVE Online’s SKINR tool comes into play: It lets players put together their own ship skins. The feature first got released with the Viridian update and will soon see more features in the Equinox update.

Several updates to this custom ship skinning tool include an improved UI, several new colors and patterns, and the ability to rotate and resize patterns freely. There will be several such colors and patterns on offer from the outset, while additional SKINR items can come from special events, loot drops, a new Paragon Hub, or through the market.

Additionally, completed ship skins can be sold on the Paragon Hub for PLEX or ISK. CCP Games argues that this provides another new in-game revenue stream for players to take advantage of, particularly if they sell a skin that features a rare or limited-use color or pattern.

It should be noted that the whole system comes with some specific limitations: Skins can be made for nearly any ship except for Tech III ships, special edition ships, and the capsule itself; skins can only be created if players can fly a certain ship, meaning that subscribers will be able to craft designs for more internet spaceships; and “sequencing” a skin will be a required skill that must be trained, with PLEX and material costs that rise depending on the rarity of cosmetics used. The video below offers all of the details.

source: YouTube
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