Nightingale’s offline mode and QOL-laden 0.3 update are now live


If you were waiting for Nightingale’s offline mode to go live before jumping into the early access survivalbox, today is your day, as the 0.3 update for what Tencent’s Inflexion is now calling its “survival crafting game” is live.

“Offline mode is perfect for solo play and allows players to explore the Realms without an internet connection, even during server maintenance,” the studio says, though it reiterates that the mode is a work in progress. “As a ‘version 1’ of offline mode, several other features are in development to complement the initial release, including cloud saves, character migration from online mode and continuous performance enhancements.” Of course, you can keep on playing it online too.

The patch also kicks off a new event that tasks players with collecting wisp drops, and course, it’s got a few QOL perks too.

“Version 0.3 also introduces the build-from-storage function, which streamlines construction. Players can also face new tiered creatures whose drops and unique looks adapt to Realm difficulty. Furthermore, players can take on new varieties of Bound enemies, tackle new questlines and try an updated early-game experience with the option to skip tutorial and choose a starter character loadout.”

Source: Official site, press release
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