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Icelandic developer known for EVE Online, DUST 514, EVE Valkyrie, and the canceled World of Darkness.

EVE Online outlines plans to continue its nullsec focus and release Vanguard to Steam early access

EVE Online fans have gotten their first taste of what the rest of this year is looking like for their favorite gankbox, as CCP...

CCP Games CEO says making EVE Online’s dev platform open source cements the MMO’s legacy

EVE Online developer CCP Games is planning on making its Carbon development platform open source sometime later this year, which will grant interested developers...

EVE Echoes has spent 2024 pumping out events, balancing, new regions, new ships, and a cheater crackdown

Most of the EVE Online-shaped noise has been coming out of... well, EVE Online, particularly since its Equinox update went live and testing for...

EVE Vanguard engages its latest subscriber-only playtest with new map and mechanics

Yesterday wasn't just the summer solstice; it was also the start of the Solstice event/playtest for EVE Vanguard, the integrated FPS mode of EVE...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 473: How do you define an MMO?

Justin and Bree discuss EVE Online Equinox, EverQuest and EverQuest II expansions and progression servers, New World Aeternum, and Wayfinder's relaunch, with adventures in Project Gorgon, LOTRO, WoW, and Fallout 76, plus mailbag topics on balancing news coverage, Once Human, and defining MMOs.

EVE Online’s Tranquility server briefly buckles under the strain of over 36K concurrent players

This past Sunday was a very busy one for EVE Online. As first noticed by Noizy Gamer, the spaceship sandbox managed to hit a...

EVE Vanguard brings a new map, customizable weapons, and new missions in June 20 test

It's probably been the burning question on the lips of those who have been playing EVE Vanguard: When will the FPS hold its next...

Global Chat: So many questions about Guild Wars 2’s housing

With the news that Guild Wars 2 is adding homesteads in its next expansion, Nerdy Bookahs is not alone in asking a whole ton...

EVE Online: Equinox launches today with a rejuvenated nullsec

EVE Online's big summer expansion, Equinox, is here to "rejuvenate nullsec" and give players some new ships to enjoy. To celebrate, CCP is granting...

EVE Online shares Equinox patch notes, talks quality-of-life, confirms phased rollout of sovereignty features

The Equinox content update is just around the corner for EVE Online players, which means that CCP Games is kicking out a couple of...

The MOP Up: Destiny 2 players race to beat The Final Shape’s raid

Destiny 2 players are racing this weekend to see who will net the world's first takedown of The Final Shape's new raid, Salvation's Edge:...

EVE Vanguard developer talks about the shooter’s gameplay, update plans, and references to DUST 514

EVE Vanguard, the integrated companion FPS to EVE Online, represents something a bit different for the otherwise spaceship-focused MMORPG but certainly not something that...

EVE Online confirms main stage guest speakers and activities for EVE Fanfest 2025

We're not quite halfway through 2024, but that hasn't stopped CCP Games from talking up EVE Online's 2025 edition of the EVE Fanfest event,...

EVE Online details Equinox’s updates to corporation features and project management

EVE Online players who either run or belong to a corporation have some things to look forward to when the Equinox update arrives to...

EVE Online highlights Equinox’s expansion to custom ship skin tools

"Vestis virum facit" might be a useful adage when it comes to normal MMORPGs in terms of customizing an outfit, but what if your...

EVE Online blockchain spinoff Project Awakening begins Phase III and ‘hackathon’ testing today

CCP Games is continuing to push forward with Project Awakening, the blockchain side piece/spinoff of EVE Online, as the game is launching into its...

The Daily Grind: What is the ‘gold standard’ example of MMORPGs?

Earlier this year, a poster on the MMORPG subreddit posted a controversial take: While admitting that he hadn't actually played EVE Online in a...

Tower of Fantasy enters a virtual world on May 28

May 28th brings the next big addition to online RPG Tower of Fantasy with the arrival of Version 4.0. This introduces players to a...

EVE Online grants a closer look at Equinox’s four new hauler spaceships in latest video

New internet spaceships are always a big-ticket feature for a spaceship sandbox, so it would make sense that EVE Online would grant the four...

Pearl Abyss Q1 2024: Revenues hold steady as Crimson Desert gears up for reveals

Pearl Abyss makes its English financials website a bit of a navigation nightmare, but the company's Q1 2024 earnings presentation is indeed up -...