Tarisland announces a global release date of June 21 – here’s the new trailer


There have been a lot of teases, previews, and tests over the past few months, but now Tencent’s WoW-like MMORPG Tarisland has locked down an official launch date, confirming its global release on Friday, June 21st, for PC, Android, and iOS players.

The announcement heralds all of the features that the MMO offers players, such as swappable talent trees, cross-platform play, the gender-unlocking of Mages and Paladins, and the launch of a Season 0 that features PvP arenas, five dungeons, eight 10-player raid bosses, and multiple PvE modes including the Arcane Realm, Universal Hall, and Dark Invasion.

Tencent is trying to stir up the hype through a pre-registration campaign, a Twitter contest to win Amazon gift cards, and a guild recruitment giveaway on Discord that hands out limited titles and a rare pet. The announcement also came with a new cinematic trailer that highlights the big-bad Blight Dragon.

Meanwhile, the MMO is undergoing its final technical test between now and June 30th on all platforms. Registration for this test ended last week, so that window has closed, but the full launch window will soon open in its place.

sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter (1, 2), YouTube, cheers Jeff!
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