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Pow Vista is an open beta mobile MMO that blends skateboarding, old-school combat, and creature collecting

Skateboarding, mobile MMO gaming, combat reminiscent of Old School RuneScape, and Pokemon-like creature collecting mechanics is quite the ingredients list for a game stew,...

Ashfall delays release to summer 2024, promises multiple beta tests beforehand

As the self-described "adventure shooter MMORPG" Ashfall moves closer to its first closed beta test in July, developer Legendary Studios has had to follow...

Diablo Immortal teases new class in July, prepares celebrations for its first year and Diablo IV’s launch in June

Diablo Immortal will be marking its first anniversary on June 2nd, and that naturally means there will be some things to celebrate, including both...

War Thunder Edge is now War Thunder Mobile, entering open beta testing on Android

Last November we were alerted to the upcoming release of War Thunder Edge, a mobile version of the multiplayer military vehicle battler that promised...
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Pokemon Go pushes back against ‘incorrect’ estimates that its revenue has dropped this year

Pokemon Go developer Niantic is a private company, which means that it doesn't share its quarterly financial reports with anyone since it's not being...
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Appellate court reaffirms Apple’s store is not monopolist but must still allow third-party purchasing options

The three year-long legal fight between Apple and Epic finally made another step forward yesterday, but since it has been that long, allow us...

Blade and Soul Revolution releases the Qi Blade Champion class and collabs with K-pop group MAVE

It has been some time since the mobile MMO Blade & Soul: Revolution has crossed our news desk with a larger story - the...

Call of Dragons is a PC and mobile MMORTS that lets players ‘dominate the battlefield with behemoths both furry and fire-breathing’

If there's one thing that MMORPG gaming has taught me, it's that most of my problems would be better handled if I had a...

Tower of Fantasy adds underwater content and new story, revamps leveling, and launches new events

The day has come for what looks like Tower of Fantasy's biggest update yet. Version 2.4, aka the one about going underwater, is now...

Black Desert Mobile introduces the upcoming water and fire-wielding Igneous class

Mages are awesome. Mages that wield multiple elements are awesome. Mages that are able to control two opposing elements at once are awesome. So...

Torchlight Infinite addresses DPS nerfing, difficulty, and balance

Torchlight Infinite is continuing the comms following its earlier admittance that Season 2 didn't hit the mark, this time with a bundle of answers...

Uncharted Waters Origin debuts on PC and mobile devices, runs afoul of gamers thanks to gacha monetization

Today marks the day when the latest entry in the Uncharted Waters franchise releases its next global title. Uncharted Waters Origin has officially arrived...

Torchlight Infinite admits its Blacksail season ‘wasn’t as good as expected’ and outlines tweaks for future seasons

If you were among those players of Torchlight Infinite who found the ARPG's second season to be a little lackluster, perhaps you'll be mollified...

Dragon Raja marks its third anniversary with a new class, new map, and cash prizes for referrals

Three years ago, the mobile (and now PC) MMO Dragon Raja released, and our initial impressions at launch found the game to be "solid"...

EVE Echoes adds customizable jumpgates, new ships, and a corporation war simulation feature

Last time we peeked in on the mobile MMO EVE Echoes, it was kicking off its own citizen scientist Project Discovery initiative to help...

Closers continues to celebrate its fifth anniversary and announces plans for a mobile version

The five year anniversary celebration of Closers, which first kicked off in late January, is continuing on with a second round of festivities still...

Mobile co-op multiplayer RPG Echoes of Mana announces a May 15 sunset

Echoes of Mana is not a game that we've really touched on here but it does fall within our sphere of interest: The mobile...

Orna developers are working on Hero of Aethric, a pixel-art open-world mobile MMO

Have you ever enjoyed the lore and systems of a game but thought it might be even better if it were a different genre?...
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Harry Potter Magic Awakened announces plans for a 2023 launch as it tightens up the game

NetEase's mobile MMOTCG Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has been doing a lot of previewing, singing, and pre-registering, but it hasn't done a lot of...

Mobile version of Granado Espada breaks three years of radio silence with game details and new screenshots

Do you remember Granado Espada? This MMO set in the age of Europe's exploration of the new world has a few different versions around...