MU Online is getting another game in its lineup called MU Monarch SEA

Bet you can't guess which region it's for


Who wanted another MU Online game? If you’re sitting on your hands, then perhaps you’re not being paid attention to by Webzen, or perhaps you’re not living in Southeast Asia because that’s precisely where this new mobile game in the IP is headed with the appropriately titled MU: Monarch SEA.

MU: Monarch SEA retains the world view of the 2001 PC MMORPG MU Online, featuring smooth, competitive PvP battles and diverse field content. The game offers a seamless blend of nostalgia and innovation, allowing players to relive the classic MU experience on their mobile devices.”

This newly introduced mobile MMO promises to recreate the original MU Online with a retro art style and locations that should be familiar to series fans, while gameplay features talked up by Webzen include freely tradeable items, customizable talents and skills, an assortment of PvP features, and activities for guilds in the PvE and PvP space.

As the game’s name implies, it’s open for pre-registration in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, with the usual freebies being handed out for milestones hit along with a contest to win an iPhone 15 Pro Max. It’s a pretty specific type of mobile MMO for an equally specific audience, but if you fall into those two buckets, then your time is coming soon for a classic MU experience on mobile.

sources: press release, official site
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