Guild Wars 2’s End of Dragons challenge mode strike missions will ‘feel like proper raid bosses’

If strike missions in Guild Wars 2 are your jam, you're going to want to take a peek at the dev blog ArenaNet's Encounters...

Everything people are grumpy about in New World, one month in

A timely email from a reader this morning reminded me to poke my head into the New World subreddit to see what's on fire...

Revelation Online rolls out Demonic War update (with some trick-or-treating on the side)

Hey, look who's come alive this month! It's Revelation Online, that's who! Please stop saying, "What's a Revelation Online?" because you sound like a...
You got boring real fast.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 344: Elyon’s infinite silence

Justin and Colin discuss Elyon's launch, Guild Wars 2's elite specs, Fallen Earth, World of Warcraft 9.1.5, and Legends of Aria, with adventures in Elder Scrolls Online, GW2, and LOTRO, plus mailbag topics on cinematic trailers, MMO hype, and weapons we miss from dead MMOs.

Lost Ark plots a course for beta, lays out its monetization and currency plans

Amazon-published Korean MMORPG Lost Ark published two documents for prospective players this week, addressing both how the upcoming closed beta will play out as...

Ex-WoW devs form Notorious Studios to build MMO-adjacent multiplayer RPG

Even before the recent scandal, Blizzard has seen one hell of an exodus of top-tier talent over the last few years. ("Our mentors are...

Guild Wars 2’s third End of Dragons elite spec beta begins today

Happy beta day, my lovely Guild Wars 2 people. Yep, the third End of Dragons beta is officially going live today. (Expect it around...

What we learned from Guild Wars 2’s Specter, Untamed, and Mechanist elite specs stream

The final round of Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons elite specializations was demonstrated for viewers on ArenaNet's Guild Chat stream this past Friday...

One Shots: Marinating in Halloween

Yes, yes, I know you saw the headline and can't wait for some tricks and treats, but we have some business to take care...

Guild Wars 2 hosts community-led Halloween and cancer fundraising events

While there are certainly events that happen in Guild Wars 2 in an official capacity, there's also no shortage of events spearheaded by the...

Path of Exile’s Scourge expansion is officially launching this afternoon

If we're being honest, Path of Exile's last expansion, Expedition, did not go well: It was widely perceived as a killjoy expansion and saw...

Lawful Neutral: Managing toxicity in the MMO industry

When I'm playing games, I make a lot of use of the reporting function. If I see a moonkin zerg farming a spot in...

Guild Wars 2 recaps botched world restructuring beta, targets November 12 for second attempt

A month ago, Guild Wars 2 began and then aborted a botched test for its World Restructuring system for WvW. This week, ArenaNet has...

The Daily Grind: Does New World need mounts?

Earlier this week, we ran a Daily Grind on walking in MMOs, and I happened to mention New World as a game where walking...

Massively Overthinking: Should MMOs have endings – or at least end points?

I suspect most MMO players are going to read that question and immediately balk at it. We think of MMOs as being defined in...

Albion Online has big plans to reinvigorate its open world with better mobs, dungeons, and treasure

If Albion Online's last dev talk video had your attention with its focus on prettying up and diversifying the game's biomes, then today's will...
And again.

New World’s faction PvP is rife with guild drama over ‘throwing’

The problem with a three-faction territory control PvP game like New World is that, without some manner of balance adjustment, one of the three...
Play for a while.

New World’s server transfers finally went live last night — here’s how you can still move

For the past month, the question for New World players hasn't been so much "what are you up to?" but rather "where are you...

Guild Wars 2 reveals the Engineer’s Mechanist spec, details next week’s beta

ArenaNet is taking the wraps off its ninth and final elite spec for Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons today: It's the Engineer's Mechanist,...

Massively Uplifting: Warframe fights cancer, Square Enix helps the Red Cross, and Extra Life 2021 looms

Summer has ended, school has started, and now the leaves have begun to fall as the air turns cooler. It's a time of coziness...