Crafting-centric MMO Haven and Hearth is currently on its 15th world reset


Way back in 2018, we first peered in on Haven and Hearth, a simplistic-looking crafting and survival MMO that’s been doin’ its thang for nearly 10 years now. The title zeroes in on players finding and exploiting resources and coming together to form societies and empires, along with some meaty depth to its crafting and some major world resets.

Since it has been some time since our last report, we were reminded by a reader that it’s high time for a check-in, and once more we find that things continue to hum along in H&H: The game is currently in its 15th world reset as of last October, which brought in multiple updates to sieges and food and energy. The update was further planning some stated “controversial” changes to combat but it looks as if those plans were axed.

Additional world reset-sized updates include reworks to hunger and industry, new fast travel, and a housekeeping-style reset that tweaked map generation, combat, and loot. In-between them all have been numerous smaller updates and fixer-upper patches.

source: official forums, thanks to Rafael for the tip!
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