Crafting-centric MMO Haven and Hearth is currently on its 15th world reset

Way back in 2018, we first peered in on Haven and Hearth, a simplistic-looking crafting and survival MMO that's been doin' its thang for...

EVE Echoes has spent 2024 pumping out events, balancing, new regions, new ships, and a cheater crackdown

Most of the EVE Online-shaped noise has been coming out of... well, EVE Online, particularly since its Equinox update went live and testing for...

Whatever happened to Phoenix Labs’ multiplayer creature hunting RPG Dauntless?

Most of the news that's come out of Dauntless developer Phoenix Labs has been pretty dire-sounding, particularly since the studio suffered two rounds of...

Whatever happened to pixel art MMORPG Drakantos?

It's been a few minutes since we checked in on the development of Drakantos, a free-to-play pixel art MMORPG we first covered last fall....

Whatever happened to Wildcard’s pirate-themed sandbox MMO Atlas?

It might be by design that we've collectively forgotten about Atlas, the piratical survival sandbox MMO by Wildcard substudio Grapeshot Games that was at...

Kickstarted cozygame Solarpunk didn’t make its Q1 alpha, but devs say they’re ‘making significant progress’

One of the top multiplayer Kickstarters of 2023 was for Solarpunk, when indie outfit Cyberwave Games and Rokaplay pulled in $330,000 US on a...

Indie MMO Eterspire adds transmog, opens new areas, and hides a raid boss behind a puzzle

It's been a hot minute or two since we last peeked in on Eterspire, the indie mobile MMORPG from Stonehollow Workshop, and let us...

Ethyrial Echoes of Yore continues fixing and fine-tuning, adds Enchanting and Monster Hunting skills

We once more find ourselves wondering whatever happened to Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore, the old school-styled sandbox MMORPG that had a pretty rough start...

Wayfinder says disentangling from Digital Extremes caused its lapse in updates and communication

Airship Syndicate's multiplayer RPG Wayfinder continues to stay live, though you'd be forgiven for assuming that might not be the case since it hasn't...

Whatever happened to Torchlight III aka Torchlight Frontiers?

The other day we were reminiscing about the beloved Torchlight franchise in the MassivelyOP office and ended up wondering what happened to its third...

Crowfall owner Monumental hit with layoffs while eyeing blockchain

The question of Crowfall's existence has been an unanswered one for quite some time ever since the game was purchased by Mythgard publisher Monumental...

NosTale prepares for more Undercity, specialist card tweaks, and possible server merges in the first half of 2024

Yes, even a smaller MMO like NosTale is kicking out roadmap jams here in the first months of 2024, which makes for a very...

‘Supermax open world survival’ title SCUM removes garage locks, releases vehicle skins, and seeks player opinons

One of the things we always ask for in our Betawatch column is for readers to let us know if a game in testing...

Whatever happened to Citadel Forged with Fire?

It's been a while since survival sandbox Citadel: Forged with Fire dropped off our radar following its November 2019 release. So what's been going...

Whatever happened to EverQuest Online Adventures’ rogue servers?

Rogue servers are on the brain right now, particularly since a certain superhero MMORPG got its rubber stamping, which brings us to look toward...
Another artist's conception of something unrelated.

Whatever happened to Allods Online? Let’s check in at the top of 2024

Once a highly favorable free alternative to World of Warcraft, Allods Online isn't the kind of MMO that's mentioned too often these days, especially...

Coreborn Nations of the Ultracore launches a holiday event as its studio reaffirms the game isn’t its sole focus

Good news! Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore is still seeing updates! Bad news, the developer Blankhans is still repeating its earlier intention of focusing...

Whatever happened to EA’s 3v3 arena shooter Rocket Arena?

Do you remember Rocket Arena? It was a 3v3 arena shooter all about firing rockets at one another (surprise), though it was less about...

Legends of Aria’s crypto-spinoff nearly loses IP rights, promises pre-alpha this year

Yep, this one's back on our collective radar again. We're sorry. However, while we don't cover crypto games as a general rule, readers may...

Whatever happened to the pirate-themed survival sandbox Atlas?

The last time Atlas, the survival sandbox wearing a pirate costume, made any sort of public noise was on Friday, June 30th, when developer...