Whatever happened to Allods Online? Let’s check in at the top of 2024

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Once a highly favorable free alternative to World of Warcraft, Allods Online isn’t the kind of MMO that’s mentioned too often these days, especially since its parent publisher My.Games was bought out back in fall 2022 in an effort to extricate it from the Russian market. So what’s been going on with this free-to-play title in the past year?

The short answer to this is that Allods Online continues to appear to be busy with events and promotions while slowing down its actual content development. There’s also a push to incentivize content creators to focus on the MMO.

Aside from the churn of event notices and marketing, Allods’ one big push this year was Patch 14.0 back in March that increased the level cap to 105, added the Gibberlings’ homeland of Isa, and began “a new storyline that will span the next few years.” This was followed by Patch 14.1 in July with improved gearscore calculations, better daily rewards, and class changes for the Bard, Engineer, and Warden.

Source: Allods Online. Thanks Sarnaut!
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