Tribes 3 Rivals’ latest weekend playtest elicits additional mixed reactions from fans


This past weekend saw yet another playtest run for the team-based FPS Tribes 3: Rivals, with Hi-Rez’s sub-studio Prophecy Games continuing to make tweaks to weapons, loadouts, turrets, movement, and maps, as well as multiple bug fixing along the way – all of the things one might expect from a series of tests.

With the weekend test having already wound down, fans of the franchise are taking stock of where things stand, with most discussion nesting within Reddit. Many players are leaving impressions that suggest that movement needs work, the heavy class is far too overpowered, or that the player hitboxes are “comically large,” while some remark that things are starting to feel a little more dialed in and at least one player is outright pledging allegiance to the game.

Word on what’s next for Tribes 3 will be anyone’s guess, but what we can say is that the ironing of wrinkles appears to be a continuing job.

sources: Steam, Twitter, Reddit. Thanks for reminding us, MMO Fallout!
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