Overwatch 2 details a host of changes being made to competitive play

An arguably heavy-handed free-to-play setup isn't the only thing that's going to be different in Overwatch 2. The shooter is also looking to use...
Shoot, but robot.

Gundam Evolution plans for a September 21 launch date on PC

You have a lot of team-based shooters available to you right now if you enjoy being in a team and shooting people from a...

Bethesda and id software turn on old official servers for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Back in the day, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was a team-based FPS that a lot of people really enjoyed playing. Some people enjoyed it so...

The Cycle officially begins its first season with a new Fortuna Pass and Twitch Drops campaign

Pre-season is now over for the PvPvE shooter The Cycle: Frontier. While the game already made its free-to-play launch earlier this month, the game...

Overwatch 2 takes a closer look at Junker Queen’s suite of abilities

Now that the new tank character Junker Queen is confirmed as part of the Overwatch 2 roster, players are likely going to be curious...

Co-op vampire-slaying FPS Redfall debuts a new pre-beta gameplay trailer

It's been a little while since Redfall pinged on our radar. The last bit of news we heard out of this co-op FPS game...

EVE Fanfest 2022: The EVE Online universe FPS is still in development

EVE Online developer CCP Games has had its eye on the first-person-shooter genre for over a decade at this point, starting with its PS3-exclusive...

Halo Infinite details more multiplayer maps and tweaks to battle passes in its May 3 Lone Wolves season

For players of Halo Infinite, it's been a long and overall not particularly satisfying first season of multiplayer gaming. There may be hope on...
Shoot cycle.

PvPvE shooter The Cycle explains its monetization strategy

When co-op/PvP shooter The Cycle does decide to launch sometime in 2022 (according to Steam), it will be free-to-play, which naturally begs the question...

Not So Massively: The Anacrusis is nowhere near ready for launch

The Anacrusis is a four-player co-op shooter intended to be a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. I was never a particularly big L4D...

US Army mil-sim FPS America’s Army Proving Grounds announces a May 5 sunset

America's Army: Proving Grounds, the official free-to-play FPS of the US Army, has announced that it will close up shop after eight years. For...

Electronic Arts announces multiple Star Wars games, including a new shooter

EA and Respawn aren't letting that ol' Star Wars license go to waste: The companies just announced that their partnership with Lucasfilm Games will...
Popcorn appropriately.

Blizzard puts out new job calls for unannounced multiplayer projects

We're back with another bit of pondering and theorycrafting spawned by game dev job postings. This time we're looking at Blizzard's careers site, which...

Valorant allows players to turn off its anti-cheat system process and makes it more visible

Riot Games' competitive FPS Valorant drew in a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons when the devs confirmed that a background process...
Hold your breath and count to ten, fall apart, start again.

Not So Massively: Overwatch 2 is what Overwatch should have been from the start

Much to my own surprise, the announcement that most excited me at BlizzCon this year was not from any of the franchises I usually...
Order from disorder.

Apex Legends kicks off its second season with an altered arena and a new legend

The Apex Games are back in full swing, as Apex Legends has just kicked off its second season. Dubbed Battle Charge, the new season...

E3 2019: Apex Legend’s Season 2 brings a new Legend, a new weapon, and more next month

The folks at Respawn Entertainment announced at EA Play this weekend that Season 2 of Apex Legends will be kicking off next month on...
skulls are scary

Apex Legends irons out server issues and hit-registration bugs, makes plans to punish piggy-backers

Respawn Entertainment's surprise-hit battle-royale title Apex Legends has long been grappling with some particularly annoying (and persistent) server issues that have been causing all...
I blew things up!

Over 777,000 Apex Legends cheaters have been banned as Respawn cracks down

In last week's Apex Legends developer blog, Project Lead Drew McCoy said that the Respawn Entertainment team has been hard at work trying to...
hnn... colonel

Apex Legends kicks off its first season today with battle pass and Octane

The first season of Apex Legends officially begins today with the release of the premiere battle pass and the addition of the game's first...