Bethesda vows to ‘keep working on’ Redfall, arguing it doesn’t ‘quit or abandon stuff’

Most eyes are on Bethesda and its sprawling single-player space epic Starfield, particularly in light of the RPG's bugs and how previous game releases...

Destiny 2 reintroduces Crota’s End raid, readies another Iron Banner, and heralds Stasis focus for Season 23

Most of the stuff coming out of Destiny 2 for the week is primarily returning content, as the FPS reopened the Crota's End raid...

Activision announces rollout of AI-assisted voice chat mod tools for its Call of Duty series

Keeping toxic voice speech under heel in FPS games might sound like a Sisyphean effort, but Activision is giving it the old college try...

The Stream Team: Backseat Streaming shares some multiplayer SWAT action from Ready or Not

Backseat Streaming is back once more with another new-to-us title: the multiplayer tactical SWAT FPS Ready or Not. Join MOP's Chris and MJ live...

Overwatch 2 hopes to ‘move forward’ after Steam review-bombing and Invasion update

It's likely been challenging to be Overwatch 2 director Aaron Keller: The hero shooter is still being absolutely browbeaten on Steam, with negative player...
Siri play Chariots of Fire.

Destiny 2 director promises more PvP maps and expanded PvP playlist modes after facing player backlash

The PvPers of Destiny 2 were not happy whatsoever with the latest state of the game letter from director Joe Blackburn, who says that...

Destiny 2 outlines Season 22’s exotics buffs – and Arc Titan and Strand’s suspend effect nerfs

While last week brought a general overview of Season 22's updates for Destiny 2, this week has a more granular look at what's changing...

Not So Massively: Despite everything, Overwatch 2’s story missions deliver an epic experience

After a long wait, a tortured development, a great deal of cutting back on features, and endless controversy, the PvE update for Overwatch 2...

Destiny 2 deep-dives Season 22 as Bungie pursues cheat seller ring in court

With the current Season of the Deep now having roughly three weeks left to it, Destiny 2 is looking to the season ahead to...

Overwatch 2 enlists John Cena to hawk August’s PvE story missions – and the associated bundle purchase

It would appear as if Overwatch 2 is going to some lengths to promote August 10th's Invasion update. Blizzard decided to introduce a hacker...

Destiny 2 brings back its annual Solstice of Heroes event until August 8

The time has come once again for Destiny 2 Guardians to look forward to a brighter future... by protecting bonfires and shooting enemies in...
Popcorn appropriately.

Overwatch 2 claims that story and lore is ‘incredibly important’ and a ‘key pillar’ of the PvP FPS

How does Overwatch 2 reconcile the culling of most PvE features, confirmation that what remains will be paywalled if you want to play them...

Overwatch 2’s 2023 Summer Games event introduces volleyball and brings back soccer

The summer season has officially arrived to Overwatch 2 as the 2023 edition of the Summer Games event has officially arrived to the FPS,...

PlanetSide 2 continues to tweak implants and construction on PTS and kicks off a summertime event

We're sorry to report to our PlanetSide 2 enjoyers that the game's latest PTS build isn't really working toward anything major. Even so, there...

Destiny 2 applies mid-season balance adjustments for weapons and kicks off the Bungie Day charity drive

We are officially at the mid-season point of Destiny 2, and that means it's time for Bungie to mess with the shooter's guns and...
And again.

Overwatch 2 dev says new story missions won’t be arriving in its next two seasons

With Overwatch 2 bringing PvE content (such as it is) like story missions in its August 10th update, you might assume that successive...

The Stream Team: Wading into the large scale front lines of BattleBit Remastered

Last week he watched it, but this week MOP's Chris is playing it! What is it, you may ask? It's the low-poly cubic large-scale...

Destiny 2 owns up to current stability problems and outlines a multi-month process for correcting them

For many players of Destiny 2, the Year of Lightfall has felt more like the Year of Disconnect Errors, with the game's stability feeling...

Overwatch 2 recaps Flashpoint, talks balance, and teases next hero

The Invasion update of Overwatch 2 continues to be the topic of conversation for the shooter's director Aaron Keller in his latest dev blog,...

PlanetSide 2 PC tests some new implants, patches in UI updates and bug fixes

Last week saw PlanetSide 2 open up its PTS so players could kick the tires of seven new implants, all of which are being...